Brolly Consulting Group Said to be New Incarnation of Stephen Marcus and A New Horizon

A reader just posted this comment on this story:

Consolidated Credit Counseling PURCHASED ANH’s clients starting earlier this year. ANH was shopping around the portfolio with other agencies. Seems like a long time for “A New Horizon unexpectedly went out of business before all of their clients’ data was transferred to our organization”. A New Horizon closed the doors but their CEO (Stephen Marcus) opened another business called www.brollyconsulting.com doing Debt Settlement and putting old ANH clients in this program. Try calling them and asking for ANH’s old CEO (Stephen Marcus) 855-428-9745. They have a recording about OLD ANH clients that they are now servicing. Seems odd they don’t list a phone number or address on the website currently. – Source

It does appear that Brolly Consulting is related to Stephen Marcus and A New Horizon. According to public records the domain name brollyconsulting.com was registered on September 27, 2012 and is owned by A New Horizon at 2700 West Cypress Creek Rd, Ft. lauderdale, FL 33309. The administrative contact is Stephen Marcus. That is also an address used by United Debt Counseling. – Source

A New Horizon, Credit Counseling Services, Inc. is still an active company in Florida. It is listed as being controlled by director, president, and secretary – Stephen D. Marcus and director – Fran Parra. – Source

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According to State of Florida records, Brolly Consulting Group is a registered fictitious name of Brolly Consulting Inc. The fictitious name was originally registered by Stephen D. Marcus, president, in 2004. – Source

Unfortunately, the State of Florida also says the authority to use Brolly Consulting Group as a fictitious name expired in 2009. – Source

Brolly Consulting, Inc. is an active Florida company and lists Stephen Marcus as the director. – Source

The Brolly Consulting Group website (brollyconsulting.com) offers a number of services from asset protection, dealing with debt collectors, and credit repair.

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They describe themselves by saying:

Brolly Consulting Group is a nationwide company of Consumer Advocates,

Whom specialize in the mastery financial awareness and defense of unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical debts and abusive practices by debt collectors.

Brolly Consulting Group was founded on a simply ideology, protect american from credit and debt.

it is no wonder why the symbol of an umbrella was chosen.

Brolly Consulting Group has had over 15 years of experience in dealing with credit, debt, loan, and financial issues. – Source

And as the commenter observed, the Brolly Consulting Group website does not currently list and address or telephone number on their website. – Source

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