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My Husband Died Recently. How Should I File My Taxes? – Theresa

“Dear Jim,

My husband dies 2 months ago. He didn’t have life insurance. His pension stop & I work so I won’t get SS. We didn’t have taxes taken out of his pension or SS. We paid it when we filed. We have 2 daughters 1 14 & the other 18 and started college.

How should I file my taxes? I don’t want to include his income then I will have to pay the tax…Help



Sorry about the loss of your husband. You can file separately, but you should consider your entire tax situation before you do so. For tax purposes, you will be considered married. However, you can file separately. Before you do so, you should see a qualified tax professional and complete your return both jointly and separately as there are many factors to consider.


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  • Gail Beckwith

    my husband passed away in october 2012 how do i file my income tax for new york state and federal

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