Freedom Legal Plans / Reaching U Legal – Consumer Complaint – 10-19-2012

Consumer Statement:

In May of 2011, a Darry l Solomon started calling us regarding our high interest rate mortgage loan.

He represented to me that his company Reaching U Legal had been assisting hundreds of homeowners with various mortgage issues. I declined giving him any information. He continued to call, leaving messages as if I was crazy not to call him back.

Having answered another call, he told me he they were a NON-PROlFIT agency that only wants to help homeowners of predatory loans get a lower rate. He said that 80% of mortgages were filed in error and felt certain that with our rate, date of closing and lender, they may even get the loan “forgivin”, as in paid. They would commence a forensic loan analysis and a financial audit – 2 audits from a a non-profit company.

However, because I needed to be represented by a New York attorney, they had to have Litvin, Torrens and Associates out of NYC work on my file. That would cost $750 per mont h. Mr. Solomon told me that it would probably only be for a few months.

I again did not accept since I had to swallow the $750 per month and my husbands constant warning that if I get scammed, he was going to kill me. Watching TV I started to see commercials from Reaching U and Freedom Legal. Two days later, he calls. Catching me tired, stressed and vulnerable, I agree. The first payment deducted from my account for my “legal representation” was July 29, 2011.

I was immediately set up with a professional who would be my go-to person throughout this attempted loan modification. Bounced around a bit, I was finally connected to a Mrs. Barnes. Most of my phone calls to the company ended where she apparently either told me what I wanted to hear or did not call me back.

I made several complaints. I started noticing that their name continued to change but was assured that it meant nothing. I have faxes to them begging them for information. Much has happened in my personal life to distract me until April of 2012 when I left numerous telephone calls that I wanted OUT of this as it seemed that they were making my situation worse. I also faxed them memos that I wanted to discontinue their services. Sometime late July 2012, I get a message that Mrs. Barnes is no longer my connection and all calls were being taken by a Mr. Fletcher from Frontier Legal Plans.

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July 24th I was given an attorney at L to speak to, WL (See updates below). He said my file said I was with Prime Access Legal Plans. WHO? Here I am over a year later with a mortgage in terrible shape, a company that lied about everything and took money I did not have, and a husband who is furious at my stupidity. Litvin advised me to call Meracord to stop the monthly payments, which I did, but Prime managed to withdraw another $750 October 1st. My poor lack of judgment has caused us $12,000. I feel so stupid to even admit this.

Consumer Action Taken:

Numerous telephone calls, letters, memos and faxes were sent to Reaching U, Freedom U, Legal U and Frontier stressing my displeasure and asking to be removed from the program. They made it so difficult I seriously feel I’ve been dragged through the mud.

Date This Problem Happened: July 27, 2011

State You Live in: New York

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $12,000

Company Name: Freedom Legal Plans

Company Address:

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6451 North Federal Highway
Suite 1200
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33308

Company Telephone Number: 866-523-4195

Website of Company: reachingulegal.com

Update 10-24-2012

We have received the following error report that was submitted by attorney WL.

I recently found a comment left by KA (whom I am ccing with this message) where she mistakenly put my name associated with some companies in Florida that I have nothing to do with.

I talked to K and she apologized for having left that comment. She made a mistake. You can call K to find out the details, her phone is [ ].

Please let K and me know how she can fix that paragraph where she mistakenly refers to my person.

Thank you.

Should any questions arise, please contact me.


Attorney at Law

Update 10-25-2012

This email was received from the consumer that submitted the original consumer complaint:

Please be advised that after reading my complaint, I realized that the way it was written, it could have been implied that WL, Esq. was part of the fraud charges brought againt Legal U, et al. He is NOT a part of the lawsuit nor the problem. I seriously would like to remove my reference to Mr. L. If it can’t be removed, I would like to be able to comment on the site explaining his innocence. Once again, Mr. L is not member of the company that defrauded us.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. I won’t feel satisfied until we can clear his name in this matter. As a man of integrity and honesty, I do not want to hurt him or his practice.

Update November 8, 2012

The site has received a notice from an attorney representing WL in this matter and has demanded that this post be taken down or parts of it taken down.

The demands to take down the information have never addressed the question we have repeatedly asked both parties. That is, if attorney WL had no relationship or contact with the consumer KA then how did WL know the telephone number and email of the consumer?

While we are investigating the matter we are leaving the post up but have modified the name of the attorney to initials and the name of the consumer the attorney reveled as initials as well.

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