Freedom Financial Network & Freedom Debt Relief to Refund Almost All Clients Under Settlement

Thanks to a reader who alerted me, I discovered Freedom Financial Network, Freedom Debt Relief, Global Client Solutions, Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust, Andrew Houser and Bradford Stroh have agreed to settle a lawsuit filed against them and refund millions in consumer fees.

According to the agreement, people eligible for refunds of fees paid include “(i) were customers of any of the Freedom Defendants; (ii) opened a special purpose account or similar account with Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust (or another bank) administered by Global Client Solutions (“GCS”); (iii) paid fees to any of the Freedom Defendants for debt reduction services at any time from December 28, 2004 through the date of the Judgment; and (iv) did not receive a full refund of fees paid to the Freedom Defendants.” – Source

According to earlier settlement documents, the total available for refunds is $1,900,000. Of that, $1,400,000 is being paid by the Freedom Defendants and $500,000 is being paid by Rocky Mountain Bank and Trust and Global Client Solutions. – Source

Consumers covered under this agreement will be “forever barred and enjoined from commencing, instituting, prosecuting, or continuing to prosecute any action or other proceeding in any court of law or equity, arbitration tribunal, or administrative forum, asserting the Released Claims against any of the Released Persons.”


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6 thoughts on “Freedom Financial Network & Freedom Debt Relief to Refund Almost All Clients Under Settlement”

  1. I did not like their options..They were very persistent..Wanted to quickly review contract via docusign..I wanted it sent to me via mail..They got very aggressive..turned me off..I am in AZ, handling the credit card debt myself..I am working with the credit card companies to reduce the balances..It worked out fine….

  2. No wonder Houser and crew are always begging for no cap on fees it appears he needs to charge new consumers more to pay off all the fines on the old consumers

  3. Just curious how they “Freedom & Company” mantain a following and are allowed to hold board positions with TASC/AFCC is this the best the indutry has for leadership – is The LOGO still that important -anyone one want the over under on when Houser makes his way to Central America

    • Let check out his bank account..money buys everything…you have no business being on a special committee for TASC or AFCC..when you are abusing consumers…how do you remain neutral when you review Rescue One Financial (sister company) and Freedom Debt Relief..Companies you own fool…..

  4. I wondered why Houser didn’t participate in any of the panel discussions or have that arrogant/cocky energy he’s known for at the AFCC conference…..it also explains the “deer in the headlights” look he was sporting too.

    • This guy is so arrogant & above everyone else no need to respond ..He drives his BMW etc off the backs of hardship..how do you sleep at night Mr.Houser..never even responded about the misuse of the rescue one financial misleading bait & switch flyers…


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