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Ed is Disabled and Falling in Debt Fast. What Can He Do?

“Dear Steve,

I am disabled and falling in debt faster than i can handle. I am barely staying alive with trying to feed my family. I am behind on my mortgage and regular bills (utilities). I stopped paying on my credit cards just to try and keep my utilities from being disconnected. credit card companys are calling me constantly for there payment. I don’t even have the money to pay the lawyer for claiming bankruptcy. I don’t know where to turn. please help !!

What can I do???


Dear Ed,

You’ve done the right thing by stopping payments to the credit card companies. You need to focus your repayment efforts on the mortgage and utilities at this point.

What I don’t know is if you can reasonably expect to be able to afford your mortgage any longer. It might just be that will your reduced income that you can’t afford the home. In that case you should give the home back to the bank and then go bankrupt to eliminate all your past debt, including any money the bank may want from you following the foreclosure of your home. I am assuming that you have little to no equity in your property.

At that point you can stop running for cover all the time and just focus on building a safer financial future for you and your family using what you’ve got coming in each month.

There are self-help bankruptcy materials available and you can usually get free bankruptcy forms from the local bankruptcy court.

If you decide that you can move then you can stop making the mortgage payments to save a rent deposit and to file for bankruptcy. That should allow you to do what needs to be done.

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