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Bank Founded in 1472 Launches Dual Sided Credit/Debit Card. Freaky!

Written by Steve Rhode

Belgium bank Banca Monte Paschi Belgio is launching a split personality credit card and debit card. It’s kind of weird but very cool.

The PaschiCombo card on one side has a chip and PIN Maestro debit card on it. The card also has a button on it that users can press when they want to make online purchases but need a unique code for the transaction.

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Dino Albanese, member, management committee, Banca Monte Paschi Belgio, says: “We may be the oldest bank in the world today, but we also want to be the most innovative. The PaschiCombo card is without doubt the most innovative card in the world, accepted by the most extensive network in the world.”

Debit Card Side of the Card.

If you need to use the MasterCard part of the card, just turn it over and there it is.

The MasterCard Backside of the Card.

From the sounds of it, MasterCard is drooling all over themselves with the rollout of this new card. “For MasterCard, this association with association Banca Monte Paschi Belgio is the stuff of dreams,” continues David Dechamps, General Manager, Belux at MasterCard Europe. “We have combined our expertise with Banca Monte Paschi in order to open up new horizons in terms of payment methods.”

Maybe one reason this is a MasterCard wet dream is that with both components on this one card, this card is now the most widely accepted in the world: whether the payment terminal accepts Maestro (14 million merchants around the world), MasterCard (34 million merchants around the world), or both.

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