Fake Bankruptcy Attorney Caught in Maryland Running Scalia & Seidel

Michael mancini of Baltimore, Maryland was caught recently impersonating a bankruptcy attorney. it is reported he represented more than 50 consumers in bankruptcy before getting caught in his sham.

Mancini, a high school graduate, was ordered by U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge David Rice to pay $261,000 in fines and damages and close up shop.

According to the National Law Journal, Mancini, filed bankruptcy petitions for a modest flat rate of $400.

You can read the whole story at The National Law Journal.

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3 thoughts on “Fake Bankruptcy Attorney Caught in Maryland Running Scalia & Seidel”

  1. i was a victim of this man, he lied right to us and also to his secretary that he had hired. she also believed that he was a real lawyer!! un real…

  2. So he earned about 20,000 and had to pay a fine of 10 times that amount. Wow, sounds like he is going to need a good bankruptcy attorney. Well at least he can legally represent himself 🙂


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