Michael Bovee Interviews Jared Strauss from Debt Relief A La Carte

Recently Michael Bovee from Consumer Recovery Network interviewed Jared Strauss, a former champion debt collector who now assists consumers with debt relief through his website.

Strauss shares his experience as a debt collector where he approached debtors as a problem solver to find solutions to their financial problems.

Jared has contributed a series of guest posts to this site to talk about the issues facing the debt relief industry.

Using his experience as a debt collector, Strauss uses his collection experience to understand the process in working with a consumer with problem debt.

He shares stories of experiences on both sides of the fence, from collecting debt to assisting people to eliminate their debt.

For those inside the debt relief industry, I think you will find the interview interesting with Jared since it shares the opinion from someone who has lived on both sides of the debt equation.

A big hat tip is due both Bovee and Strauss for openly discussing these debt relief issues and helping others to think about these issues.


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