Law Office of Cockburn & Associate – Consumer Complaint – October 26, 2012

Consumer Statement:

I received a phone call from my elderly mother yesterday, informing me that she had been contacted by the Law Office of Cockburn & Associate LLP, Debt Settlement about helping her settle her debts. My mother had been pay Cockburn and Associate $300 per month since April 2012 until this month October 2012 for which they told her that they had contact all the creditor and had consolidated her debt into one and that the $300 per month was going toward the debt payment.

She continued to receive phone calls from the creditor which she reported to Cockburn and Associates only to be told that the call will soon stop. But, the call did not stop and she was told by the creditors that they had never spoke or been contacted by Cockburn and Associates about any debt settlement. My mother is now further in debt and has been scammed out of $2,100 by this firm. My mother is a pensioner with limited income and this $2,100 that she has paid Cockburn and Associates could have been used to help reduce her debt.

I am completely dismayed that such a company can operate such a business in Canada under the premise of a law firm. Fooling people into thinking that they can legitimately help them get out of debt. In this economic downfall, prying on the less fortunate which include elderlies and poor people. These people are genuinely seeking help to get out of debt. They are not trying to avoid paying their debt, but are seeking help in paying their debt and to think that a firm like Cockburn and Associate see this as an opportunity to take advantage and to scam these people is shame-full.

We contacted the bank and put a stop payment on the monthly withdrawals, the bank then informed us that the best thing to do is to close the account all together. Fortunately for my mother she did not sign a contract.

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I am writing this to inform innocent people and hope no one else will fall prey to these people.

Consumer Action Taken:

My mother call and requested her money back. She was told to continue paying the money and they will continue to try and contact the creditors and work something out. I have tried calling and is unable to reach someone.

Date This Problem Happened: April 27, 2012

State You Live in: Ontario, Canada

Race/Ethnicity: Alaska Native

Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,100

Company Name: Law Office of Cockburn & Associate

Company Address:

7111 Syntex Drive
3rd floor
Mississauga, ON L5N8C3

Company Telephone Number: 866-551-8349

Website of Company: clegal.ca

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12 thoughts on “Law Office of Cockburn & Associate – Consumer Complaint – October 26, 2012”

  1. Hi sir Michael Reilly,
    We need help, as my husband enrolled the company of cockburn and associates since January 2015, paying 276/months up this moment its obviously accumulated CAD$6624 now. Until now nothing happen. All creditors phoned us everyday, many time a day. Very stressful to us especially my husband is working only. My husband received a letter from Supreme Court of Justice, we submitted this letter through fax in C&A two time from December 2016 and early January 2017 until now nothings happen. That’s the big reason that he can’t sleep and thinking always what we gonna do. Kindly give me your contact # sir or email add to discuss it to you, please… We really need help.

    Sincerely yours,

  2. I can tell you what they are doing is not exactly the best scenario. I have solid experience in this business and what they are just doing is keeping your money- BSing and taking out money.

    oh yeah no more Mike Reilly in the company- the names and faces keep changing. Everything is online. Stay safe!! I have visited the company and looked at the forms. paid a little bit and got out while I can.

    Go to a Credit Counsellor first and then maybe a trustee!

  3. I canceled but still want to put a stop-payment on my account. Has anyone done this? If I cannot supply my financial institution with the exact name they use to withdraw funds then I will have to just close the account.

  4. Tell us more as it appears you have full knowledge of the process….how did this all come about….tell us all how it went down….please

        • I have just enrolled with law offices of Cockburn associates I sure hope it is not a scam since I cannot afford to lose my money If I could I would not be in this situation needing debt help

          • i was enrolled with C%A for over a year they did nothing on my account untill I stopped paying them and told them not to do anything on my account adn they went ahead and contacted NCR without ny consent and they refused to give me a copy of the phone call recordings, under the law they must provide a copy if the recordings just the same as when you hire a lawyer to rep you in a personal injury they must provide a copy of your file and including recordings, I will be taking C&A to court in BC as I have caught them with there hand in the cookie jar cant wait if you are wishing to do the same feel free to contact me paulemmons@live.ca

  5. Ok so now it’s time for me to step up and discredit the writer here, as I have first hand knowledge how the process a C&A works. Writer are you prepared to look silly

    • Mike, please tell us how the process at C&A works. There is no need to try and make the consumer look silly. They feel that they were cheated out of 2100, so it would be helpful and clearly in C&A’s best interest if you can explain the process and we can all figure out where the miscommunication has occurred between C&A and the client.

      • Hello Damon, long time! So as it turns out I happen to know Shelia Cockburn and I can tell you first hand that her firm offers several options for individuals seeking debt relief. Right out of the gate I will say that there is no way this person was enrolled by C&A based on the numbers the writer supplied which was $300 monthly to $2100 starting in April. This clearly was an enrollment by Silverthorn & Lupolover prior to the acquisition. That said, C&A is offering options for folks who have enrolled under that label. I would recommend that the concerned party contact Shelia Cockburn directly to Identify those options. If for any reason they need my assistance I would be happy to help.

        As an FYI, I have been to the C&A website and they are clearly producing some favorable results for clients.

        Damon, as you well know, debt settlement provides varied results based on many different circumstances. Over the past year or so I have spent a great deal of time researching the Canadian and UK markets to get a better understanding or perspective of both structures. In short what I discovered is that all three markets (CA, UK and USA) while similar are completely different and require a knowledgeable yet common sense approach when enrolling consumers into this particular debt relief option. In my humble opinion Shelia understands this very well and I think she will be a force to be reckoned will in the near future.

        Best regards,



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