Who Do You Recommend as a Financial Consultant for Debt Issues?

Question: Dear Steve, I have a Parent Plus loan w/ a $500/mo regular payments, not income-driven or whatever. I have about $2800 in credit card debt. I think I’m putting approximately only $300-400/mo into retirement savings which started at nothing three years ago. I want to increase that amount, of course. I was unexpectedly laid … Read more

FinCon 2018 Helps to Reinforce Good Advice is Personal

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the personal finance write conference, FinCon. The meeting was held in a very hot and muggy Orlando. Nearly 2,000 writers showed up for a whole bunch of sessions and presentations. I left the conference with a few observations and realizations. The first is there are a lot … Read more

Michael Bovee Interviews Jared Strauss from Debt Relief A La Carte

Recently Michael Bovee from Consumer Recovery Network interviewed Jared Strauss, a former champion debt collector who now assists consumers with debt relief through his website. Strauss shares his experience as a debt collector where he approached debtors as a problem solver to find solutions to their financial problems. Jared has contributed a series of guest … Read more

Credit Counseling Industry Education Series

The Association of Credit Counseling Professionals (ACCPros) is offering a FREE education series to the Credit Counseling industry. They say they are offering this not only to improve Best Practices in the industry but to also promote their association. ACCPros states it is unique in the industry as a 501c6 trade association which allows them … Read more

Trapped in a Debt Settlement Contract. What to Do? – Dean

“I contracted a debt settlement company now that it changed. I signed with them back in May of 2010, this was before the new law changed for settlement companies not to be able to charge up front for settlements. The contract is crazy, and I was stupid to sign it. I was totally delusional from … Read more

Consumer Recovery Network Makes The Wall Street Journal Site

Our friends over at the Consumer Recovery Network (CRN) made the Wall Street Journal site today in a good way. In an article titled Limiting Psychological Damage From Debt Collections a consumer talks about how working with CRN helped to easy their stress. Helped by the Consumer Recovery Network, which teaches people to self-manage the … Read more