Florida Universities Agree to Provide Free Education to Eligible Students

A group of Florida universities have reached a settlement agreement with the Florida Attorney General over complaints about promises and claims made to student in marketing it’s services.

Everglades College, Keiser University, Everglades University, Bar Education, and Keiser Career College have agreed, without admitting any fault, to provide retraining for students that attended the organizations since January 1, 2008 to October 25, 2012.

Under the agreement, eligible students are every student who took classes either online or on campus and withdrew from the schools because they were dissatisfied with the education provided.

Additionally, students that completed degree programs but who were unable to find jobs in the field for which they were trained, are eligible as well.

Vouchers will be available and shall cover the total tuition charges, technology
fees, book charges, and any other fees charged.

The schools have agreed to make good faith efforts to reach all eligible students by email and postal mail and notified students will only have ninety days from notification to take advantage of this unique offer.

As part of this settlement the schools will no longer pay enrollment incentive commissions to employees that are directly responsible for admissions or financial aid.

Unfortunately the agreement reached with the State of Florida appears to provide an incentive for the schools to not reenroll students since is more than 25 percent of the students agree to the enhanced retraining provisions in the settlement the schools will then “donate the amount of $375,000.00 (three hundred seventy-five thousand dollars) to the scholarship fund(s) designated by the Department.”

The schools will also pay $175,000 to the State as compensation for attorneys’ fees and investigation costs. – Source


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4 thoughts on “Florida Universities Agree to Provide Free Education to Eligible Students”

  1. I returned their response form back in October when I received it. I checked out their website which states that they will decide if they are going to give any vouchers. Your article seems to say that they have to give them; they agreed as part of a settlement. Are they hedging? Also, they stated that the vouchers only apply to future studies. In my case, it would only be for some other Bachelors degree or a Masters. Is that true?
    I only enrolled because I was promised a work study program. They strung me along for a year. Wouldn’t have minded so much, but I was fired from my job for going to college; and with the economy as it has been and to a great degree continues to be anemic, I haven’t worked since than and have been living in abject poverty.

    I always thought that the enrollment staff was on commission. Thanks for giving me some confirmation on that point.

    By the way, I made the Dean’s List.



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