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I’m in South Africa and My Husband is in Administration But We Need a Loan. – Rene

“Dear Steve,

I need a loan but do not work my husband works for me and he cant apply because he is under adminastration

my question is can i apply than he can pay


Dear Rene,

I think you live in South Africa. If I’m wrong, let me know.

But if your husband is in an administration in South Africa he is prohibited from taking on more debt. Even if you took out the loan, he would still have an obligation to repay you and that would add to his debt burden.

If you can qualify for the loan on your income alone, then you are free to do that.

I spoke to Deborah Solomon from The Debt Counseling Industry in South Africa, she said, “It sounds as if you need a debt counsellor who can also assist to take your husband out of administration and rather place him under debt review. Administration is very much more expensive with very limited rights as opposed to the debt counselling process.”

You can reach The Debt Counseling Industry website at

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