Morgan Drexen Threatens This Site to Remove Links

I can only assume that Jennifer Hamlin from Morgan Drexen did not intend to threaten this news site, but that’s exactly what happened with this email we just received.

“Please remove any and all links to or from and any other websites you are in control of that link to our website.

The following URL is containing a link to our website:

The link from your website is not a natural occurring one and is likely damaging our website’s rankings.

We would appreciate a kind and immediate removal of every occurrence of the above links within 72 hours.

After 72 hours, we will be reporting your website(s) to Google in our Webmaster Tools account as a “spammy” website that will not respond to link removal requests.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

Jennifer Hamlin
SEO – Morgan Drexen”

Are you kidding me?

The links go to source documents to support stories we’ve written in the past, including their very own press releases. Are they trying to rewrite the news?

What do you think, was this an active attempt to censor this news site or just simple ignorance on the part of Morgan Drexen?

Hey Morgan Drexen, consider this our response.


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2 thoughts on “Morgan Drexen Threatens This Site to Remove Links”

  1. Did you ever hear anything back from them? We got a email from Jennifer over a 4 year old thread at I did take the time to write back to her and explain why she and Morgan Drexen were inaccurate in their claims, but I never heard anything back.

    Perhaps she was too busy reporting us to mom (google).

  2. What is hilarious is that if they were actually lucky enough to get a link from this high authority, niche specific site, it would actually be helpful in their rankings. These types of programs will try anything to keep consumers from learning the truth about what they really do.


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