Need Help With Debt? What Would Perry Mason Do?

I’ll admit it, I’m a Perry Mason junkie. I’m currently in the process of watching all the Perry Mason shows from the late 1950s.

For those not familiar with Perry, he was a Los Angeles attorney that seemed to thrive in taking on the the most desperate and hopeless cases to faithfully represent his clients.

This week I’ve been curious about what Perry Mason would do when faced with some of these debt situations people write me about. That’s what daydreams are for, aren’t they? You know, the improbable stuff.

The fictional character Perry Mason was known to feel a need to try to help those in trouble, by doing the right thing to best assist them in a fiduciary capacity. That means he seemingly always put the needs of his clients and people he helped ahead of his own.

And then this article was made a reality when someone who claimed they were an employee of a debt relief company decided to call me an asshole.

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You are an Asshole, I have no idea how you sleep at night. You should grow a set of balls and learn to investigate before you post lies for your own profit. Karma is a bitch…. – Source

Raymond Burr as Perry Mason.

And there it was, that opportunity to apply that What Would Perry Mason Do (WWPMD) poultice to the situation.

After much Perry Mason watching I’d have to conclude he’d probably just ignore the remark and move right to the issue at hand.

In this case what we have is someone who allegedly works for a debt relief company that gives consumers advice and guidance about their debt problem. But their issue is not that the advice given to the consumer wasn’t bad, but that the caller should have known the representative they were talking to was there to take them off the robocall list if they asked.

When you first called back and were screened, did it occur to you that you were talking to a person that simply qualifies people for many different companies before transferring the call. That way you have a live person if you want to be removed from the call list.

From that point on, none of the advice as far as I’m concerned had anything to do with serving the needs of the consumer in trouble. It was all about qualifying the person to sell them a debt relief program that was most likely not beneficial for them in meeting their financial goals.

If we apply the What Would Perry Mason Do logic to the situation, Perry would probably advocate following this process instead for someone to get the right help for them.

It’s too bad that Perry Mason was a fictional character who lived long ago. It would be great if we could apply his brand of integrity and client responsibility to people today needing help with problem debt.

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