Should I Go Back to Dubai to Negotiate a Settlement for My Debt? – Mohamed

“Dear Steve,

I have been working in Dubai for almost 5 years , i left on Jan 2012 , cause they terminated about 50 staff including me then i got two jobs offer but in that time they were not issuing iqama for Egyptian nationality so i left back to Egypt,

I had a credit card from rak bank , mashreq , citi, fgb , and car loan and 1 personal loan i am not paying since i left , i have to pay about 38000 dhs for the p.l and the car loan about 38k aswell and for the credit cards about 60k , now i am trying to collect that amount from here to go back to Dubai by vist visa and settle the credit cards and i dunno if they will accept to reschedule the personal loan and the car loan or not ???

And do u think there is any risk if i got that amount and go to Dubai again ??

Best Regards,


Dear Mohamed,

Your desire to attempt to work out a solution for these past debts is admirable. I applaud your willingness to resolve them.

Considering the fact that defaulted loans in the UAE and Dubai can have such dire consequences, like the confiscation of your passport at the border or even possible jail time, I would suggest that rather than going back to Dubai to deal with this that you either deal with the banks directly from where you are or hire a local Dubai attorney to act as your representative and attempt to negotiate a repayment plan you can meet.

I admit that my advice probably errors on the side of being extremely cautious but when it comes to UAE debt the downside is very severe.

Alternatively, if you insist in traveling back to Dubai, then I would still contact a local attorney to make sure there is no police case open against you before you travel there.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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Steve Rhode

3 thoughts on “Should I Go Back to Dubai to Negotiate a Settlement for My Debt? – Mohamed”

  1. Dear Steve,

    I have been following you on twitter for a long time but this is the first time I saw this blog.

    I was a resident of Dubai and have a personal loan of 100,000/- aed and also a credit card outstanding of 15,000/- aed from two different banks.

    I was unable to pay since four months as I had lost my job a year ago but this month I found another job in a different gulf country.

    I notified the bank about resuming my payments from here but they refused saying they gave the loan due to relationship with my employer. And I proposed that I could get my employer to transfer the amount to the bank as we have a branch there too. But I haven’t heard from there despite reminders.

    What do you think is the best way for me to negotiate with the bank. I am even considering a pay off if the bank agrees to write off 40-50% as I have secured a private loan from a relative but I am scared about going into this mode.

    Your advice on this will be put my life at ease. The burden of having a loan/ police case is mentally very challenging and I want to get rid of these things and live on cash.

    I hope to get your response.

    Many thanks,
    want to be Debt Free.

  2. dear steve,

    i left dubai 3 weeks ago, i lost my job and, so, my visa has been canceled. i had there a credit card with first gulf bank, 2 personal loans with dunia finance. regarding the fgb card, thjere was an outstanding amount of 10.000dhs unpaid (i didnt make the payment last 3 month). the last sms i recieved from them while leaving at the airport was saying that a legal action was going to be taken against me because of the non-payment. my question is: im a taking the right decision to go back there? i got a job offer now and im planning to go back to work and start again to pay what i have to. do you think they will allow me to enter there and deal with the banks?? or should i collect the money before. thank you.

    • I certainly would not return unless you are sure there was no criminal action filed against you. Maybe you should contact a lawyer back there to check and see what your status is and possibly negotiate with the banks on your behalf?


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