National Relief Hotline – Not What You Think

Early this morning I was watching television when the same commercial for National Relief Hotline began running over and over. It caught my attention.

It’s important for consumers who see the commercial for National Relief Hotline to understand what exactly it is.

The commercial promotes the company can assist consumers who are dealing with:

  • Foreclosure
  • Denied Loan Modification
  • Missed Mortgage Payment
  • Predatory Lending
  • Upside Down on Mortgage
  • Lost Your Job
  • Could Loose Your Home

The “company” advertises a telephone number of 800-329-3225. A search for more information on that number did not locate any association with a company. It appears to be a new or disposable toll-free number.

National Relief Hotline says in the commercial they can:

  • Stop the Foreclosure Process
  • Lower Your Monthly Payment
  • Save Your Home

It’s only when you get to the fine print that you learn this is not an advertisement for a real company at all. Instead it appears that National Relief Hotline is only a name use to fool consumers into thinking they are going to get some of the promised intervention services by calling.

But the fleeting fine print on the commercial actually says the company does not provide mortgage or foreclosure services. What it does say is:

“We are not attorneys but rather a third party referral source that connects homeowners with mortgage specialists. Calls may be answered by companies other than National Relief Hotline.”

While the commercial claims there is no obligation to call, it also does not make it clear the consumer will be potentially giving over their personal information to an unidentified party since it appears National Relief Hotline is neither a real company, or exists.

So I Called

So I called the number and was connected with a very nice John Abner, an “intake guy” (read that salesman) for the “Loizzi Law Group” which he says is a national law firm.

A search online for “Loizzi Law Group” could not locate an exact match for any firm with that name. John gave me his direct telephone number in area code 904, which is typically a Florida area code.

There is a firm called Steve Loizzi & Associates in Nevada that handles mortgage and foreclosure cases but I have no information that would identify them as the same firm. They identify themselves as “Nationwide Mortgage Defense Attorneys.” – Source

The site, steveloizzilaw.com was registered in March of 2012. It’s a relatively new site.

John says the average fee for the service is about $1,285 for the retainer.

If I’m looking for a piece of good news in this story I’d have to give John a thumbs up for not being rude a jerk, you’d be surprised how many I actually talk to. He was nice, professional and open. You don’t run into that much in the foreclosure rescue business. I’d have to give him a thumbs down though for the specific information he gave me. I was unable to verify the law firm or even find it.

Whoever John really works for I’m sure is just getting their turn in the lead generation queue. He answers the phone as the “Mortgage Hotline” but later it comes out he is representing a law firm.

It was interesting when I said to John that the commercial could help if I just owed more on the mortgage than the house was worth, his response was that statement was “a little bit misleading.”

If you feel like wasting seven minutes, feel free to listen to the secret shopper call I made below.

Overall I’d have to say the commercial, in my opinion, is misleading and deceptive. There does not appear to be any real company by the name National Relief Hotline.

Cornerstone Media Group

The Cornerstone Media Group does show a demo of a commercial for the National Relief Hotline on their site. – Source, Source

So are they the ones accepting responsibility for the commercial and company, National Relief Hotline?


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11 thoughts on “National Relief Hotline – Not What You Think”

  1. So you’ve told us about how the National Relief Hotline is misleading, so are you offering soloutions (people or businesses) that are a better route to take?
    I guess what I’m asking is where is a decent place to go for assistance with a home in foreclosure? We were just denied a HAMP loan and the company “helping” is called OCWEN, which they clearly state are a “debt collector” and they are now trying to see if we qualify for their “in house modification program”….
    I really don’t like these people much and they are tacking on all sorts of fees….weekly house inspections that they claim is to see if the house if occupied…what a bunch of junk!
    Where do we turn for some real relief?

    • This sounds right. Once you are denied for HAMP (the federal program) the lender sees if you qualify for any “in-house” (their own company) modifications.

      As Steven said, no lender has any absolute duty to give you a modification.

      The lender has the right to charge fees, you did sign the mortgage allowing for such reasonable fees did you not? Second, if the house is vacant, which many are, and people vandalize it, or someone is injured in the house, who does that liability fall on? The bank, and thus they have the duty to make sure it is occupied or secured.

  2. I called this company Friday, and first spoke with Cheryl who took all of my information; then I was transferred to a Maddy who explained what they do; in the beginning they really sounded like they knew what they were talking about. Maddy explained that they would do a forensic audit and that Bank of America was the worst bank and they were recently sued, and that they would not be able to keep them on the treadmill of paperwork because they know the law….etc. Then I had to ask well Maddy what does your service charge $1,195 for the audit and 1,195 per month, and since I’m close to a foreclosure date we don’t have time to waste. However, I was skeptical because it seemed that Maddy would not let me off the phone until she had me hooked to sign up. If I’m in foreclosure how could you expect someone to pay you this kind of money month after month. She then explained that it could take 4-6 months…I said thank you but no thank you, and she still would not get off the phone. I told her I’ll call you back..guarantee she’ll be calling me back in three days. Why can’t a honest company charge you if you get results not to walk you through this long process…I also wasn’t convinced that the forensic audit would yield me any results only because I felt this company would come back after stringing me along and say well Bank of America had all of the paperwork there were no findings, then i’ll be out of thousands of dollars 4-6 months later and for what?

    • Read about the MARS Rule from the FTC. “Homeowners will be protected by a new Federal Trade Commission rule that bans providers of mortgage foreclosure rescue and loan modification services from collecting fees until homeowners have a written offer from their lender or servicer that they decide is acceptable.”

      Ask them why they do not comply with this rule.

      See http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2010/11/mars.shtm

      • Attorney exemption

        Attorneys are generally exempt from the rule if they meet three conditions: they are engaged in the practice of law, they are licensed in the state where the consumer or the dwelling is located, and they are complying with state laws and regulations governing attorney conduct related to the rule. To be exempt from the advance fee ban, attorneys must meet a fourth requirement – they must place any fees they collect in a client trust account and abide by state laws and regulations covering such accounts.

          • Naturally, the best interest of the consumer can be determined through a consultation in which those interests are discussed. It is the right of the consumer to decide if they want to pursue the attorney’s services in regards to foreclosure defense. As long as the attorney is compliant, competent, and gives full disclosure then there is not a problem. Folks deserve to have another viable option when their lender isn’t working with them. Everyone should do their due diligence when making the decision to hire an attorney.

          • Do you understand what full disclosure means? Its mighty presumptuous to think attorneys do not inform clients of all their options. If I were consulting a client in regard to foreclosure defense then the question of whether they have exhausted all other options would be discussed-including whether they have sought help and counseling through a HUD approved mortgage assistance organization. I am not adverse to your position that consumers should be careful when hiring someone to help resolve their issue. I am simply pointing out that it is acceptable for attorneys to collect advance fees for working foreclosure defense cases.

        • Steve,

          That is rather presumptuous to assume charging advance fees is not in the interest of all parties.

          So the lawyers should trust that the very same people who breached their agreement to pay the mortgage company are not going to breach their promise to pay the lawyer after getting a result? I cannot tell you how many people I chase daily who got a result and fail to pay their attorney’s fees agreed upon.

          I get you are a “consumer advocate” but no lawyer in half their mind is going to work for free unto a result is gotten to chase the client to pay; who already stiffed on their mortgage as is which is the reason they need the lawyer to begin with.

          That is inherently unfair to the legal professionals (there are a lot of honest good ones out there). At that point no one would be willing to help any homeowners as it just would not be worth it.


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