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American Web Loan – Consumer Complaint – November 20, 2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

I had a death in my family and had just returned from visiting my parents in April, i then had to go back because my father had passed away. i was financial not able to do so, but, in my email i remember an ad from American Web loan I applied and received numerous phone calls from different affiliates. i then applied for $1000.00 dollars which was deposited into my bank account. I wanted to pay back every pay period until the loan was finished, however, they keep refusing the bi-weekly payment but, yet every two weeks would go into my checking account and withdraw $330.00. I got frustrated because they are telling me i have to make a one time deposit of $1430.00 in order to stop withdrawal from my account. I have a friend who works in my bank and i explained what was happening, she checked the withdrawal and found out they had already taken over $2000. from my account. She advised me to stop payment. Amercian web loan keep calling me and on e Stephanie emailing me about settling my loan. These people are scam they have gotten or 200% payback and still intended to keep dipping into my account bi-weekly. They need to go to jail-Juan and all the others. Please do not get scammed I am pursuing getting my money back by filing a complaint.

Consumer Action Taken:

i asked that i make installment payment until i was finished they had already taken out more than i had borrowed and still refused to a payment plan.

Date This Problem Happened: July 10, 2012

State You Live in: New York

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $330

Company Name: American Web Loan

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company:

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  • I would file a complaint with your attorney general, the better business bureau, put a stop payment on your loan and leave it at that. American Web Loan, formally known as LoanPointUSA is not even an American entity. They are owned by an Indian tribe; this means they are sovereign, and the laws our government has put in place to keep crooked companies such as AWL from taking advantage of consumers do not apply. This also means that the laws set forth to protect businesses from consumers do not apply either. Put a stop payment on your loan. Also try sending a Cease and desist letter; and revocation of wage assignment letter; make sure you get this notarized. The phone number to AWL 877-636-1353 also serves as a fax number. Lastly, ONCE THE STOP PAYMENT HAS GONE THROUGH your name will forever be in a system called “Adonis” which is like a payday loan black-book. If you try to apply for another payday loan with ANY company after your stop payment is made, your account information will be sent to all payday loan affiliates and your balance will be debited from whatever account you have on file. TRUST ME, I used to work here and have seen this happen numerous times, especially around Christmas.

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