I’m Thinking of Moving Back to the UK from the US and Want to Make Sure I Don’t Owe Old Debt. – Richard

“Dear Jon,

Currently living in America had permeant residency in UK where I lived for almost 30 years, but came to live in the USA in late 80′ and early 90’s.

When I came back to the USA over 20 years ago a couple of years in I got some kind of strange message that some unpaid taxes had been sent to collection – apparently I didn’t file and they averaged out what they thought I owed them (this was even for the time I was no longer in the UK) however as I wasn’t around to apeall it, and new nothing about it, they sent it off and got some sort of judgment. How do I find out if this debt is still on the books I would be happy to pay the debt (but would not want to pay 20 years of penalties and interest) without alerting the debt holder? I am considering move back to the UK and wish to do so on a clean slate.



Do you recall what kind of taxes they were that you owed? Was it taxes for income, council tax, VAT??

Moving back to the UK owing the debt, if it is still even owed, is not an issue. You would not be stopped or experience any problems just for owing some taxes.

As for finding out if you owe the taxes without letting who you owe know about it, you could obtain a copy of your UK credit history to see if anything is noted on it. You could also inquire with the court where a CCJ or judgment may have been filed. Lastly you could inquire with HMRC, but that may be whom you owe.

Due to the amount of time that has passed,the debt or taxes may be lost in the system or no longer owed, it is difficult to really say as that is quite a few years ago.

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If you were to contact HMRC or be contacted again once you move back for the debt, you could look into settling the debt, paying a smaller amount owed to have the entire amount settled as paid, or even set-up a payment plan.

I hope this helps.



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