I Have Five Payments Left With Legal Helpers. Should I Cancel? – TC

“Dear Steve,

Been in Legal Helpers for 32 Months no debts had been paid. We were settling BOA debt with Budnik n Dynia LLC and they dropped the ball and sold account to another company . Nothing been settled and paid over $20k to Legal Helpers. March 2013 is when my last payment and program should end. I dont know what to do?

Should I cancel my debt program? I have 5 payments left to complete program?


Dear TC,

You raise an interesting issue when you say you have five payments left for the program.

In fact you have five payments left to give Legal Helpers in hopes they will resolve your debt with it. There is no program to speak of other than that.

So far it appears you’ve given Legal Helpers a lot of money over the years with little to show for it. I assume they’ve clawed out a lot in fees but without any debt actually settled by them, where is the benefit or service provided?

Before you drop from the program, I’d first question Legal Helpers about what service they have actually provided you since you are settling your debts on your own.

It doesn’t even appear they helped you with the Bank of America debt or even gave you advice on how to do that on your own.

Let me know what their response is.

If you are unhappy with their response and you feel they have not provided you with any services to speak of, you might want to politely but firmly ask for a refund. You can follow this guide to see what to do, step-by-step. After all, in this situation, isn’t a refund only fair if they have neither settled any debt for you or assisted you with settling the debt on your own?

I think what we need here is some feedback from them and then we can put together a plan of action. Let’s not just react emotionally to feeling like all they did is take your money.

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How much debt do you have in the program and how much of your money you sent to them is in your escrow account?

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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2 thoughts on “I Have Five Payments Left With Legal Helpers. Should I Cancel? – TC”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Both my husband and I have $46k in debt, $26k was to be paid to the program. All Retainer, Bank, and Service Fees is about $8K in all. Currently in escrow is $7k. Paid out to Budnik and Dynia for BOA was $7k. They sold my account to another Law Firm which wants to collect the whole debt amount. Did ask LH what is going to happen, and they advised us to wait, and they are working with new law firm.


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