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Cronauer Law Center – Consumer Complaint – November 26, 2012

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

Cronauer Law Center told us they could help us with our loan modification . We were not very behind in our payments but our circumstances changed and we were not in the same financial situation. They told us we were accepted about 2 months into the deal. The guy we were working with, “Brian Moore.” He was no longer working there all of a sudden. So we getting thrown around from this person the that person. Telling us they did not have our paper work.. That right there was a scam.. Dragging it out. We started this modification program in May. By August we were in foreclousure. We had paid them 5,900.00 dollars and have received nothing but lies. OUR house was now in foreclosure and we had sale date of Dec 17th 2012. WE THEN KNEW WE must try to salvage our house and we had been dooped. It was just awful. We could not pay our house payment and the payments to them at the same time. We really got taken for a ride.

Consumer Action Taken:

We tried repeatly to get them to take action and they assured us they were working on it. We have now been trying to get our money back because the did not do what they said they would do. It has been very stressful. They prey on the vulnerable when they are in trouble at their weakest moments. We never did get the modification from them.. but we paid the 5,900.00 dollars and they did nothing!

Date This Problem Happened: May 15, 2012

State You Live in: Washington

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,900

Company Name: Cronauer Law Center

Company Address:

910 17th Street NW
Suite 800
Washington, D.C. 20006

Company Telephone Number: 800-624-0220

Website of Company:

Additional Information Provided:

To Whom It May Concern

Please accept this letter as notice that we, Christina [ ] and Larry [ ] of [ ], are exercising our option to terminate the Mortgage Modification Service Agreement and sever the relationship between ourselves and Cronauer Law Center. Furthermore, we are requesting a refund of the $5490.00 in fees that we have paid to Cronauer Law Center.

In April of 2012 we received a letter from Cronauer Law Center inviting us to call to see if we qualified for a loan modification under the Making Home Affordable Program. Since we had recently entered into some considerable financial hardship we made the call and spoke with Brian Moore. Mr. Moore was very convincing with his presentation and on May 25th, 2012 we entered into the aforementioned agreement with Cronauer Law Center. Mr. Moore told us, among other things, that we would qualify for a loan modification and that our monthly mortgage payments would be reduced by as much as one-third. Mr. Moore further explained that we would be required to pay attorney and processing fees of “approximately $5,400.00” in three installments. When we explained to Mr. Moore that it would be impossible for us to pay these fees and to make our house payment, he recommended that we not make our house payment (so that we could pay these fees) and told us that any missed payments would be worked out as part of the loan modification. Mr. Moore also advised us that our lender would be notified of our application for loan modification and that our lender would not bother us for these missed payments. This later proved to be false.

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At some point in June 2012 we attempted to call Mr. Moore, his extension was answered by a gentleman who identified himself as Joseph Leonardo. He stated that Mr. Moore was no longer with the Law Center and that he, Mr. Leonardo, would be handling our file. Mr. Leonardo assured us that everything was on track for the modification and that we had nothing to worry about. Mr. Leonardo, in subsequent telephone conversations, requested that we fax to him a variety of documents. We always complied with these requests, but there always seemed to be more to send. Eventually, Mr. Leonardo told us that our case was with the processors and on a “fast track”. For the next several weeks we heard nothing unless we called. We were always told that everything was fine and that our case was being processed.

On the evening of August 23rd, 2012 we were personally served with a Notice of Trustee’s Sale. Early the next morning we telephoned Mr. Leonardo to inform him of this development. After numerous attempts to reach him Mr. Leonardo finally answered his phone. He requested that we fax to him to documents we had been served. We did so as immediately as possible and then phoned him to verify receipt. Mr. Leonardo said that he had received the fax and was forwarding it to the processors. He also provided a telephone number for William Barnes in the processing department.

On August 24th, 2012 we began receiving phone calls from realtors offering to short sell our house. We telephoned Mr. Leonardo to advise him of this. He somewhat rudely indicated that he was no longer involved with our case and that any further contact by us would have to be with the processing department.

We called Mr. Barnes in the processing department. He began by requesting many of the same documents that we had previously sent. Again we faxed documentation. Attempts to verify receipt were fruitless as Mr. Barnes seemed rarely to be at his desk. We were told that he was not at work one time, another time he was “in a meeting”, or he simply hadn’t arrived at work yet.

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On August 29th, 2012 having heard nothing from Mr. Barnes, Mrs. [ ] finally got through to a live voice, Miriam Hernandez. Mrs. [ ] informed Ms. Hernandez of our dissatisfaction at our case was being handled and told her that we wanted a refund of the fees that we had paid. Ms. Hernandez seemed sympathetic to our situation and told us that these cases sometimes take up to a year to resolve. Mrs. [ ] emphatically stated that we did not want to spend the next year awaiting resolution and that very little had been accomplished in the 3 plus months that we had already been involved with Cronauer Law Center. Ms. Hernandez said that if we wanted our money refunded that we needed to submit a written request to the Cronauer Law Center.

Accordingly please accept this letter as notice that we, Christina [ ] and Larry [ ], are exercising our option to terminate the Mortgage Modification Service Agreement and sever the relationship between ourselves and Cronauer Law Center. Furthermore, we are requesting a refund of the $5490.00 in fees that we have paid to Cronauer Law Center.

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  • I could agreed more with all the reviews that I just read. This is my first time ever wrote the review but this is extrem. We were so excited that we received a flyers in the mail. I quickly contact David Arellanez and told him that I done Modification with my mortgage Wells Fargo previously. I told David that we are looking for Principle Deduction. David took down my phone and less then an hour he called and told me the answere (YES) we can help you. Boy, I was so happy. I quickly sent sign all the documents that he email it to me along with my check of $2890. He gave me discount because I told him that I will send him more clients. Four weeks went by. I called David and asked him what the statues and he said everything has sent to the review department and I let you know if we needed more documents from you. Two months went by and here I am received phone calls all day long from Wells Fargo. We have 4 kinds the oldest 10 and yougest is 3. We under lot of presure. Three months went by and I decided to work directly with Wells Fargo and I still call David and He told me that he is no longer handling my file and I should contact Gary Johnson (the nogociator). Finally, I got to talk with Gary Johnson then couples of months went by I received the package from Wells Fargo and they giving us 40 years fix with 2% rate but my Principle amount has gone up because we didn’t make any payment for 8 months. I contact Gary Johnson and He didn’t even know any thing about the package that I received from Wells Fargo. That telling me that he didn’t do any shiss. Gary Johnson now telling me that his job is done and that I need to talk to David who give me fault information. I called David and He sounds upset that Gary Johnson said that about him. He said that He will call me right back and I have not heard from him since January 8th. Everytime I call they pass me to a new person. This has to stop. I hope the Law the fair and I want my MONEY back.

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