Real Estate Law Center – Consumer Complaint – November 28, 2012

Consumer Statement:

The Real Estate Law Center is a scam. They try to get outside brokers or real estate professionals to send them business. They promise to pay there outside people but end up keeping the money . They also take on any clients even if they are not in foreclosure trouble. They look for anyone who has money to send them or anyone who has enough room on a credit card. Depak is the ring leader of this operation. Yervand is the accountant (not a true CPA) who handles the money. Brian Suder was the head sales manager who would source and find the brokers to send them business. They operate very similar to the way Kramer and Kaslow operated, why are they not shut down yet?

Consumer Action Taken:

I have tried to contact there firm many times but I dont get a call back or a email. I see that my emails have been read but not responded to.

Date This Problem Happened: November 2, 2012

State You Live in: California


Age Range: 36-50

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,000

Company Name: Real Estate Law Center

Company Address:

695 South Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, Ca 90005

Company Telephone Number: 213-382-3250

Website of Company: lenderlawlitigation.com

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1 thought on “Real Estate Law Center – Consumer Complaint – November 28, 2012”

  1. Hopefully they will get shut down soon! I feel I was scammed by them – they took my money for an individual suit and never even filed it after 6 months!! After being dragged along with one excuse after another, I finally complained so they sent a draft but it was nothing more than a boiler plate suit with our names added and didn’t even explain our case and used this as an excuse not to refund. I think the only reason this place isn’t flooded with complaints is b/c the mass joinder suits haven’t settled yet so people are still waiting. They rarely answer their phones and the place looks like a boiler room. I would STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!! And I think the positive posts are fake b/c the cases haven’t settled yet. Hardly anyone filed an individual and none of these people will give case numbers that we can read on Justia so they are likely just paid employees. Chad Pratt occasionally posts the same dumb post over and over without answering anyone’s questions.


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