The Debt Confessional – Share Your Debt Secrets. Let The Stress Melt Away.

“I felt such an immediate relief after entering my confession online, it surprised me how I felt afterwards. For some reason since I entered my confession here I finally came to terms with my situation and now feel prepared to move forward to resolve it. Thank you.” – Betty

Financial problems bring great shame and embarrassment to many people. The hidden secret of financial troubles caustically eats away at our souls and leaves us leading a life of outward success but inward failure.

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This online debt confessional has assisted people for many years and has provided almost instantaneous relief from the stress and pressure of the hidden debt. We’ve just brought the debt confessional back out of the attic to allow people to use it again.

Money worries are often so deep inside of us that we hesitate to tell anyone or actually acknowledge how it impacts our lives. The secrets festering inside only tear us down and admitting the mistakes, even anonymously, is healthy.

The mere fact that you anonymously enter your financial confession is a first step that you are willing to face your situation by admitting your inner most thoughts, failures and realities.

It is simple to submit your confession.

Most people feel an immediate emotional weight lifted off their shoulders when they submit their confession.

Remember, your confession will be visible to others so make sure you do not enter any identifying information in your confession. All confessions will be visable in order to help others learn from the confessions of others. Your confession will help others to know they do not need to suffer in silence and they are not alone.

Ready? Enter your debt confession in the comment box below and let your stress melt away.

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3 thoughts on “The Debt Confessional – Share Your Debt Secrets. Let The Stress Melt Away.”

  1. i have a big problem .it all started with an old freind who was about to lose her home so i started to help where i could ,she is elderly and alone in life . so i did what i could to help . i would pay some of here bill and fix up her home on my off time but it just got harder the more i tried .so i took out a pay day loan to cover the gaps .my mistake was that to cover the pay day loan i took out another and another .thought i could handle it over time .now im so deep in dept whith no way out .i tried to get money from my 401k but they said this did not qualify for ,i tried my bank for a loan to clear this up (webster) they all so said no but they say yes to lots of fees every week .so here i stand alone can any one help ?

  2. My husband has no idea how much debt we are in. He is so busy and what began as just keeping the new debt from him has turned into a big problem. He has no idea how much debt we have and if I tell him I think he’ll leave me. I’m so scared.


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