How to Keep Work Worries From Ruining Your Sleep

The Sunday dreads, Sunday night blues, Sunday depression: These are all terms for the anxiety and stress many of us experience as Monday obligations loom over the precious few hours left in the weekend. A Sleep Judge survey finds 81% percent of people experience the so-called “Sunday scaries,” and poor sleep ranks especially high on the list of symptoms that come … Read more

How to Cope with Financial Stress (and Feel Better)

Stress comes up for a number of reasons, such as work, personal relationships, or your physical health. But according to the American Psychological Association’s latest “Stress in America” survey, 64% of Americans say money is one of their most common stressors. Financial stress can take a toll on all facets of your health — emotionally, physically, … Read more

5 Signs You Need a Financial Therapist

Whether you’re stressing over paying bills or spending money to make yourself feel better, anxiety and money often go hand in hand. Still, financial advice tends to emphasize numbers and strategies, not the root cause of money concerns. Financial therapy is a holistic process that enlists both therapeutic and financial methods to help you transform your relationship … Read more

Why People Make Poor Decisions When They Have Money Troubles and Debt Problems

I’ve been helping people with financial problems since 1994. My passion for assisting others with this struggle was because I lived through my own set of financial misery in 1989. After going through that process, I was very depressed and inquisitive why my self-esteem had been so shattered along with my ability to make complex … Read more

Take the Free Money Personality Test to Find Out Who You Really Are

I’d love to say you have complete control over how you spend money. The reality is you just don’t. Like many things in life, it is those things we can’t control caught deep in our personality that really dictate how we deal with our money. Some people are well balanced spenders but most people are … Read more

Financial Bullying a Problem

Couples argue over finances, but how many Americans feel their mate bullies them over their debt and spending habits? Credit Karma, a personal finance website with more than 20 million members, commissioned Harris Interactive to find out. The online survey, conducted in June 2013, revealed that committed American adults are generally on good financial terms … Read more

Bankruptcy, Depression & Suicide. The Most Avoidable Tragedy.

People with problem debt are likely to be depressed. My own study in 2001 found that of those people who reached out for help 39.71% were clinically depressed and another 9.56% identified themselves as moderately depressed. Women tended to be more likely to show symptoms of depression than men. You can read more about this … Read more

Debt Related PTSD and Financial PTSD Quietly Hurts Many

We commonly think that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is something that only combat troops face. It’s thought of as an effect only of war. But that’s not the whole story. Through news reports and media coverage we are also aware of the ripples and problems PTSD can create in the lives of many brave military … Read more

The Debt Confessional – Share Your Debt Secrets. Let The Stress Melt Away.

“I felt such an immediate relief after entering my confession online, it surprised me how I felt afterwards. For some reason since I entered my confession here I finally came to terms with my situation and now feel prepared to move forward to resolve it. Thank you.” – Betty Financial problems bring great shame and … Read more

What I Learned From Being In Debt

The following guest post was contributed by Margaret Keely who is a writer, educator and continues giving inspiration and guidance to her students during nursing classes as part of their quality nursing education. If you would like to contribute a guest post, click here. Being in debt makes you feel ashamed, guilty and stupid. It … Read more

Money and Stress: How to Keep Your Money Worries From Killing You

A recent study at Ohio State University found that people with financial problems, in particular credit card debt, suffered from more emotional problems than those who didn’t have money-related stress. When you stop and think about it, it really is not surprising that cash, or the lack of it, so greatly affects our emotions. Money … Read more

Money Problems Lead to Poor Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey recently among different ethnic groups to study a number of sleep related issues. Of particular interest to me were the survey results about money troubles and sleep problems. I remember from my debt problem days how I never could seem to sleep well. I was always worrying about … Read more

Survey Finds Debt Equals Depression For Many: Women at risk to suffer with financial depression

This is a previous study that I participated in but it is still relevant and important to understand the relationship between debt and depression. Nearly half of the people who have problems with debt are experiencing symptoms of depression, according to a survey by Myvesta, a nonprofit financial crisis center. The survey found that 49.3 … Read more