I’m Paying Off My Ex-Husbands Credit Card But Only an Authorized User. – Clarissa

“Dear Steve,

Credit card in husband name only, but I was a authorized user.

On my divorce decree I am responsible for my ex-husbands credit card(that is in his name only,but I was an authorize user)

I recently found out that the credit card number in the divorce decree that he gave was closed. What I think happen is my ex cancelled my credit card number that I used but kept the account open and issued himself another card. So the credit card number on my divorce decree is wrong. Am I responsible for the correct account number. All monies on the credit card I used and was responsible to pay was transferred into his new issued credit card. He wants me to pay for the credit card that has a different number from what my divorce decree says I am responsible for.

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Dear Clarissa,

In fact you are not responsible for the debt at all as an authorized user. If you have made an agreement to repay X amount then that is an agreement between you and your ex-husband. Your divorce agreement is not binding with your creditors.

You might just want to determine what that X amount is and make payments to pay down that balance, directly to your ex, without interest.

If he wants to then pay the card with it that’s his choice. Otherwise it seems like a huge open ended liability for you to make payments on a card you are neither in the loop on or responsible for.

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