Apparently I’m Allergic to Coca Cola. My First Trip in an Ambulance.

I had a very adventurous day yesterday. It looks like I’m probably one of the small group of people that’s allergic to the original or classic Coca Cola.

The good news is that if I’d had “Ride to hospital in ambulance” on my bucket list I could have checked that one off.

The bad news is I wasted a perfectly good opportunity to finally yell, “I’ve fallen and can’t get up.” Damn.

But it wasn’t an entirely regrettable experience. I was thinking about my debt peeps at the same time as I was going through all of that.

You see the same feelings of being out of control, anxious, worried, and yes, maybe even a little panicky, were all feelings I had when I was living through my debt problems.

Those emotions brought back all those bed debt memories.

It was a good opportunity to reconnect with those waves of emotions. But God, I got it. No need to do that again anytime soon.

A big hat tip though to the kind rescue squad paramedics and to a superb hospital emergency room staff. I could not have felt more cared for at my time of needing help.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming and digging through a big inbox of reader questions.


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