Oregon Sues Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Russian Consumer Run Up Debt, Elderly Sweepstakes Scam

Oregon sues Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and Chicago law firm for financially abusing elderly

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution collected at least $2.5 million in fees from Oregon consumers since 2009, promising to secure “financial workouts” for their unsecured debts, according to a complaint filed Tuesday in Multnomah County Circuit Court.

But the company never registered with the state as required by House Bill 2191, signed by Gov. Kulongoski in June 2009. That law also limited how debt settlement firms can charge fees.

Legal Helpers entered into at least 540 attorney-retainer agreements with Oregon consumers after the law’s passage, according to the complaint. At least 34 clients were age 65 or older, meaning it violated the state’s law against financial abuse of vulnerable people, the complaint says.

The business charged a monthly administrative fee of $50 to $79, in violation of the law, Rosenbaum alleged. It also charged initial flat fees of $500 and $900, far above the law’s $50 limit. And its service fee exceeded the law’s $65-a-month limit.

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Russia consumers rack up debt

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Russia’s consumer spending spree could be ending in tears. A credit-fuelled surge has led households to rack up unprecedented levels of consumer debt – so much so that in 2012 some 80 per cent of new consumer loans (excluding mortgages) are going towards interest on existing debt. This cannot go on.

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Can’t afford your timeshare? How to dump it

There are many people like you who are struggling with timeshares. When you purchased the timeshare, I am sure your intention was to enjoy it and have a wonderful vacation site to visit each year or every other year.

Unfortunately, what you probably didn’t realize was that you were not only obligated to pay off the timeshare if it was financed, but also there were annual fees that had to be paid. More than likely these annual fees have gone up and will probably continue to do so.

When you are going through a financial crisis, you need to remember that survival bills must be paid first. This means a roof over your head, food on the table and utilities that are on. All other bills should be paid next.

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Fraudulent Telemarketer Sentenced to 108 Months in Prison

According to court documents, Bah participated in a conspiracy to defraud U.S. residents, most above the age of 55, out of millions of dollars by deceiving them into believing each person had won a large monetary prize in a “sweepstakes contest.”  Calls to victims were made from Costa Rica using Internet-connected computers that disguised the originating location of the calls.  Victims were informed that the callers were from the Federal Trade Commission, and that to receive their prize, victims had to wire thousands of dollars for a purported refundable insurance fee to Bah.  Bah received the victims’ money in Maryland and, after keeping a portion for himself, forwarded the rest of the money on to his co-conspirators in Costa Rica.  As long as the victims continued to pay, the co-conspirators continued to solicit more money from them.

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