Will Debt Collectors Chase Me Over My Phone Bill in Australia? – Daisy

“Dear Steve,

i was leaving in australia for more than 5 years and always paid my phone bill on time. however due to some financial crisis, i had to go back for my home country and not able to pay my closed contract with the provider (amounting to more than $1000).

i had no Permanent Residency visa with Australia and i dont plan to go back there for good (even if i do, it will only be only for a week or so for holiday purposes).

now my question is, would i be sued by the local collector? or would i still be able to apply and be granted for holiday visa?

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Thank you,


Dear Daisy,

It is doubtful that you will be chased in your home country for a phone bill due in Australia. As modern of a world as we live in, it’s still quite rudimentary when it comes to dealing with international bad debt collection.

You will not have any trouble reentering Australia for a visit.

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