United Mortgage Consulting – Consumer Complaint – December 7, 2012

Consumer Statement:

My husband and I responded by phone to a mailer we received in May of 2012 from United Mortgage Consulting in Newport beach CA. UMC basically promised us a reduction of roughly $900.00 in our mortgage by reducing our interest through the HARP/HAMP programs. They requested an upfront fee of $1990.00 And we did sign a contract. We are both over 65. UMC took our money and passed us to another firm to restructure our mortgage. They promised results or we could have a refund. As of 11/26/2012 we have nothing to show for our money and efforts. They have since disappeared, phones disconnected, website no longer exists. Brandon P. Chodosh was the president , Tiffany J. Robson (legal), Erin Carter (office manager).

Brandon P. Chodosh is now a case manager at National Remedy Center a law firm in Newport Beach, CA phone 1-800-634-7379.

We have just started to try and resolve the issue with a complaint to the BBB and we will also File a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. This person is a scam artist preying on desperate homeowners promising much , but delivering nothing. Thank you for your time.

Consumer Action Taken:

Company has vanished. Website no longer exists, phones have been disconnected

Date This Problem Happened: May 12, 2012

State You Live in: Illinois

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,990

Company Name: United Mortgage Consulting

Company Address:

3419 Via Lido
Newport Beach, California 92663

Company Telephone Number: 866-971-7827

Website of Company: unitedmortgageconsulting.com

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1 thought on “United Mortgage Consulting – Consumer Complaint – December 7, 2012”

  1. my wife and i were also victims to these predators. knowing that we were on the verge of losing our home, as my wife was pregnant with our first child, they avoided honoring our contract, and closed up shop. gutless and greedy. there is something seriously wrong with our legal system when “people” like this can pull this off, and then move on and do it again under another name…sure, national remedy center, i wonder how many remedies will they come up with?

    p.s. we are fortunately still in our home w/ a beautiful baby daughter!


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