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Can I Trust Debt Life Solutions to Get Me Mortgage Relief?

Written by Steve Rhode

“Need mortgage relief….debt life solutions contacted me …..they are telling me everything I want to hear! I am an r.e agent so am aware of scams out there. Do you know anything about them ? When googled some canadian company called cambridge life solutions comes up as well with a lot of negative stuff being said about them….

Are they legit ? They want me to set up a trust acct. With Meracord ……to which I deposit my “newly calculated payment in” and not pay my mtg company…. they say they show my bank that I am making payments into acct. And use it as negotiating power……. hope you know something about them. Thank you”

Debt Life Solutions is a U.S. company that claims to be located at 616 Corporate Way, Suite 2-4000, Valley Cottage, NY 10989. – Source

Just on face value the red flags are flying. The address appears to be a virtual office or mail drop. Not too comforting.

The State of New York has no company registered to do business under the name Debt Life Solutions.

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On their testimonial page they say they have assisted consumers in Florida, Texas, Oregon, South Carolina, and Arkansas. – Source

So, in giving Debt Life Solutions the benefit of the doubt, I went to see if they are licensed to operate in those states. Florida-No, Texas-No, Oregon-No, South Carolina-No, and Arkansas-No. None of those states had any listing for the company as being registered to operate in their states.

The Debt Life Solutions website isn’t even really that old. It was registered on March 17, 2012 and the domain ownership is hidden.

So far there is no way to confirm who is even responsible for Debt Life Solutions and their website is silent about that as well.

This is just my opinion, and it is solely based on my initial investigation and review of the Debt Life Solutions website but there is no way I’d turn to any company with the red flags they’ve got. I can’t even tell if they are even properly licensed to be in business.

Feel free to believe whatever you want from them but at the very least, check them out further.

I would recommend that anyone considering using such a company should read the following two guides.

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I’d also suggest you talk to a HUD Housing Counselor and get a free review about your situation and learn what programs are available to assist you with your mortgage.

And finally, consider this point, if they reached out to you they are trying to sell you something. I’m not surprised the salesperson would latch on to the victim statements that resonate.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  • Steve,
    I am going through the same problem as Julie. Debt life solutions took over $9000 from me. I have also contacted the NYS BBB with the same response. My mortgage is now late & owe $14,000, Property taxes & insurance have not been paid either due to this. I am so upset & at a loss as to what to do. I cannot afford a lawyer or to travel to another state. Please help.

  • Steve,

    I’m back again. Their contract indicates that disputes are to be mediated in Wyoming. I think that means they got their LLC in that state. The Secretary of the State of Wyoming has a very transparent website and sent me a list of all businesses registered in Wyoming. It’s going to take days for me to go through them to see if DLS, LLC is on that list.

    Also, Meracord cut ties with DLS in early February and I made a request for the return of my money from the Trust where it was to accumulate. My account had a zero balance. Today, I sent a complaint to the NYC BBB and the FBI. BBB said there was nothing they could do to help us and WE REALLY NEED SOME HELP.

    I was hoping you might have better eyesight than I and could look through the Wyoming LLC list.

    Julie (MA)

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