Preferred Law Doesn’t Communicate With Me About My Loan Modification With NationStar. – Al

“Dear Steve,

I am currently working with Preferred Law, in Sandy, Utah. I noticed many negative remarks concerning their business practices. They are supposed to be helping me with issues regarding my Loan Modification from Aurora Bank that was totally approved. A few weeks after the approval and continued making payments, Aurora sold the account to NationStar Mortgage which NationStar would not accept the approved Loan Mod Contract.

I went on the web to seek help and was contacted by Preferred Law.. They assured me that they could help resolve the issue for a fee of $4400.00 and that my Aurora Loan Mod would be accepted by NationStar.

I was hoping to be able to speak with you as to what to do to get some honest help.

Preferred Law does not send any kind of correspondence or contract or do they call and notify me of what current process is happening.

I am on limited income, $1700.00 per month, and had to stop mortgage payments to pay their fee.

Phil Hanley, of Preferred Law, says that I should not worry, that NationStar is behind processing all the Aurora contracts they sold to NationStar. and that they sent my Loan Mod Contract to an outside Attorney to change the info to NationStar from Aurora Bank. Was also told that there was no current contract until the attorney completed the change of the names. So there was no way to know how much the payments would be. Also assured me that NationStar would roll the behind payments to the end of the loan.

I have not had any contact with either NationStar or Preferred Law except my contacting Phil Hanley a couple of times. I have just faxed concerns that I have with this situation. I asked for a complete accounting of my account and any correspondence from NationStar.

I would appreciate any and all help you might be able to impart to me.

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Dear Al,

I can appreciate your concern here. I’d be concerned as well after having invested so much money.

I’m a little perplexed why you would be charged so much additional money though. If the loan modification was approved by Aurora Bank prior to the sale of the portfolio then NationStar would have purchased the loan subject to the modification.

It also sounds like the other issue here is one of absent customer service. It seems you’ve been left out of a tight channel of communications and that leaves you worried and concerned.

In situations like this in the past when people speak up, some companies have bailed on them and said something like “Well if you can’t trust us then we don’t want you as a client anymore.” Of course that’s just an escape position and not reality.

Since Preferred Law is unwilling or unable to put communications in writing, that concerns me as well. I’m left wondering why not.

But as a consumer who has paid good money for a service, you should be entitled to a complete accounting of the status of your account. In fact you should ask for a copy of the document Aurora Bank signed where they accepted the loan modification and then contact NationStar and show them the letter.

I would urge you to contact Preferred Law and ask for some straight answers and to provide you with proof of the date that Aurora Bank accepted the loan modification. If they are unable to provide you with satisfactory information, come on back and update me in the comments below.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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Steve Rhode

2 thoughts on “Preferred Law Doesn’t Communicate With Me About My Loan Modification With NationStar. – Al”

  1. My Fiance has been working with them since last summer (May 2012) upon at which point he choose to sign onto their remodification program with colonial savings. Our home loan had been defaulted on due to unforseen cirrcumstances, and we were being faced with paying $1400 a month to keep it. (reg payments were $800) PF assured us that at the very least they would put the defaulted sum at the end of the mortgage term plus our payments would be back to original amount, at best they would get our rate lowered and the house re-evaluated for value. Sounds too good to be true right? Thats because it is!!!!!!! Our payments totaling $3900 ended in October…we were told initially all should be done by October/November 2012. By October a neighbor asked us if we were moving because they heard from their friend (who brokered the deal!) that our house had sheriff sale’d! We called and were assured that was not the case by PL. Well guess what. Its now February and after weeks of calling. being told our initial case worker had been fired… transferring us back and forth and never returning calls with answers or even answering the phone, We now are in touch with the VA (yes we are military vets) and we have 6 weeks to find a new home for our EIGHT CHILDREN. The rent payment alone for the size house we need is daunting. The sad part is they work from home…they are not professionals and I don’t even think they are lawyers. Run from these people. They are bad bad people who take $ out of the mouths of babes and people who are already running on desperate times. SICK.

  2. Well, I worked for Preferred Law Team and I have to tell you. They dont take their jobs seriously and I can tell you that they dont pay their employees what they promised. I believe the reason this customer is not receiving answers is because everyone in that office leaves everything for last, I saw it first hand. Even from Management (Phil Hanley), he is the worst offender. Not to mention Sandra and Jon the owners of the company, they are never in the office which leads to untrained people to make decisions they dont need to be making. MHA does not want to work with them and I can tell you that several customers have left this company upset because they lost their homes. Also, their sales department lies to the customers constantly to get the sale. They tell them that even if the house has been foreclosed on they can still help them. The get customers that are current on their mortgage payments, tell them to stop making their mortgage payments so they can get them a modification. This is not right and I have names of the people that do this. The whole operation is unorganized and they lie to their customers constantly. Not to mention forgery of documents and false impersonation of customers. This is the reason I am no longer working for them. I do have to say the idea to help customers is good, but they overcharge them ($3000 to $6000.00) and they dont always get them a modification.


    • Can you email me please? My fiance and I have 8 kids that we have to find a new home for…in 6 weeks because our case worker was fired, maybe its you, I don’t know. email me at beautifulmama28 at gmail dot com please….


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