World Law – Consumer Complaint – January 16, 2013

Consumer Statement:

I was contacted by cell phone from telephone number 407-395-4711 by Mr. Thomas Ray who indicated he worked for World Law, to reduce the amount on my credit cards. When prodded he stated I owed NFCU and HSBC, $21,700.

I then had to prod how he obtained that information. He responed that I spoke to a Rosetta Tapper on January 4, 2012 (last year, not this year).

I indicated that I did not recall speaking with anyone with that name and then requested to speak with his boss. Mr. J. Olivera came to the phone and identified himself as the general manager. I asked both gentlemen to provide their specific business address and both refused. Mr. J Olivera repeatedly stated that he was trying to help solve my credit problems.

He willingly volunteered interest rates on these 2 cards were between 10% and 24%. At this point of time I asked him who Rosetta Tapper worked for. He refused and continued to refuse. He repeatedly told me my credit information was a matter of public record. I responded that the debt he is citing were at least 6-8 months old.

Consumer Action Taken:

Mr. Olivera continued that the information he has is public information. I responded that I pay for and have have two, 3 credit bureau reporting firms monitoring my credit. (The first is Free Credit Report dot com, which on January 9, 2013 reported my scores as follow: Experian – 743, Excellent; Equifax – 725, Good; and Transunion – 736, Excellent. The second is Enhanced Identity Theft Protection which reported on January 9, 2013 my scores as follows: Experian – 685, Fair; Equifax – 670, Fair; Transunion – 678, Fair.

The latter has switched to a new scoring system on or about November 28, 2012, which showed my “Experian Score Tracker” at 772 Excellent to the “Fair Rating” on the same day. How does this happen?

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Co-incidentally, I received an unidentified letter dated January 4, 2013, offering me another “settlement offer for much lower than you currently owe”. This letter did not identify the company name , but a telephone number of 877-586-1806.

After calling this number Mr. Alex Mira identified himself as an employee from Reliant Support Services. He indicated that he was ther to assist me, but could not explain where the $21,700 described in their letter originated from but politely referred me to their Marketing Department (tomorrow) which was closed when I called.

With World Law, Mr. J. Olivera, General Manager was defiant, argumentive and beligerent. I am trying to buy another house at this time and expect my credit to be impeccable. I have not yet been scammed. I am trying to prevent being scammed and want to know how latent information is passed around.

Date This Problem Happened: January 15, 2013

State You Live in: California


Age Range: 66+

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: World Law

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: (407) 395-4711

Website of Company:

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