Resolution Law Group Sent Me a Mailer About Suing Countrywide Mortgage. – Patrick

“Dear Steve,

bought house through country wide morgage co. recieved leter about complex tort action against them

i recently recieved a letter from resolution law group about a complex tort action law suit against country wide i called the number and spoke to a jay wilson to make long story short he told me when all is done i would reduce my interest rate from 6 3/8 to 2 7/5 also reduce my princable from 272,000 to 197,000 also possibly see some cash he had told me there were over 500 clients and most of them stopped paying there morgage and that the banks wouldnt forclose because they were in the suit i dont know if this a major con or what they also said that they would need 500 amonth for up to 12 months to proceed any good advice would be great i could use abreak like this i just dont need to lose everything ive worked to get thank oyu


Dear Patrick,

Let’s put this in context. It’s an advertisement in an effort to induce you to buy whatever service they are selling.

Do it, don’t do it but if you don’t exercise some prudent caution and check it out before you pony up some dollars, you will only have yourself to blame.

Check out this article and resources in it. See How to Avoid Getting Scammed.

I’ve yet to meet anyone that ever got those benefits. I’ve seen many that got the promises.

If they can deliver what they say then they should either not have a problem doing it for no advance fee or showing you references of a bunch of people that got that outcome.

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