National Debt Resolution – Consumer Complaint – February 4, 2013

Consumer Statement:

National debt resolution!
They took thousands of dollars from my bank account and paid off one credit card!! Then they would random call and leave a number that no one would answer not even a message. Finally I started getting letter from debt collectors. They still would not answer,my cc bills doubled and tripled but they never would respond and I had to file bankruptcy over 1500.00 dollars cc debt turned into 13000.00 dollars as was turned over to a legal office and a judgement filed. They charged and took at least 2000.00 of my money to settle on card. I am thinking they are not legal here in MN. So this is why they never answered my calls. They were taking my money and not doing a service. I am thinking they are in cahoots with the cc companies and turn your name over to the debt collectors after they have taken all the money from you they can.

Consumer Action Taken:

I tried regularily to call them back on my way home from work. They would never answer the calls but they leave a message saying “just checking to see how your coming on savingf to pay off the next credit card call me at some 800 number and no one EVER answered!!!! They say they can help as they have extensive relationship with the credit card companies and I think those relationships are just ignoring the paying customer and giving the cc all the information and then NDR just ignores your calls and emails, when I tried to respond to emails they came back all the time undeliverable. I tried to respond from several computers!! They are a total scam and they need to return my money as this was started in 2008 and it is a JOKE>>

Date This Problem Happened: September 10, 2012

State You Live in: Minnesota

Race/Ethnicity: White

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Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,300

Company Name: National Debt Resolution

Company Address:

1000 N 31st Ave suite C-310
phoenix, az 85051

Company Telephone Number: 866-553-3328

Website of Company: nationaldebtresolution.com

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