Military Spouse Annuitant Gets SBP With DIC and SSIA

“Dear Jim,

Military spouse annuitant account.

Receives SBP with a DIC offset also SSIA. Where do I report this income?


Hi Mike:

Writing Q&A, Questions and Answers on a blackboard.I do not have much experience in annuity payments to military spouses – but here is what I could find and some preliminary sites to read:

DIC is tax free

SBP is taxable as pension income-will be shown on CSF1099-R

SSIA does not appear to be taxable



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  1. so for 2018 the SSIA appears to be non-taxable income. As the monthly annuity statement does not list it as taxable income. Where does this show up on a 1099? and, like the DIC benefit payments, do you have to report it on your 1040?


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