Newport Mortgage Relief / New Port Mortgage Relief – Consumer Complaint – February 13, 2013

Consumer Statement:

I received an unsolicited phone call from Newport Mortgage Relief which included an immense amount of pressure to modify my loan. They went over the finances and told me I would qualify for the modification. After much ado documents were finally sent off.

I have been working with ashley@newportmortgagerelief.com trying to do a loan modification. After receiving a package containing documents I had sent them (big deal – just putting them together rather than actually submitting them), I mailed them to Nation Star, my mortgage company. Nation Star requested more documents which I sent to them. Nation Star declined the loan modification and also told me that the refinancing would also have a significant negative impact on my credit rating. I had been told nothing about this by Newport.

After much ado I finally was able to reach Newport, sent them the letter that showed that I had been declined, and I have been struggling to make contact with them ever since. Newport told me that under the contract they were permitted to resubmit the documents for another attempt at the refinancing.

I have sent Newport the documents they requested. I also call them every work day with absolutely no response from them. I also email them on a regular basis trying to get a response. NOTHING WORKS!

They charged me over $1700 for this service which is supposed to be refunded if the modification does not go through. They also told me that if I did not send them the information they requested, that I would be breaking the contract and therefore would not be eligible for the refund.

Since I get no response from them, it is beginning to seem clear to me that they have no intention of following through with their part of the contract. What am I supposed to do???

Consumer Action Taken:

I have sent documents they requested within a 48-hour time frame.

I have called once or twice a day to Ashley for the past couple of weeks with no phone or email response.

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I have emailed them once or twice a week also asking for a response.

Ashley tells me she has no supervisor in the office that I can speak with.

Date This Problem Happened: January 29, 2013

State You Live in: Illinois

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 65+

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,765

Company Name: Newport Mortgage Relief, New Port Mortgage Relief

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number: 888-541-2532

Website of Company: http://newportmortgagerelief.com

New Port Mortgage Relief

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  1. Newport Mortgage relief, I do believe changed it’s name from Results for Homeowners. They scammed me and they have the same ad with the same logos, like they are backed by numerous banks and “Ashley” is the same girl who I have been dealing with. Actually not dealing with since I have been dealing with the exact same situation of never getting calls returned, etc. I feel your frustration and pain. How do these crooks continue to keep getting away with this?


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