Robert J. Buscho & Anaheim Legal Center Law Offices of Kenneth W. Szalonek Mystery

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent me a message and said I should take a look at centerlegal.com (abogadolegal.com) regarding a .Robert J Buscho.

The message said:

“Please follow this link to the site [Robert J. Buscho] is still advertising himself as an attorney on. He does not speak Spanish and he has preyed on helpless, desperate people for many years before finally being disbarred last fall. There is no low he will not sink to and I hope that contacting you will help protect a few people. I doubt I can anticipate or investigate all the ways he might try to harm people so I’m passing this on to you to keep on your radar.

He was handed United Law Group when the owner resigned, just before it was raided by the FBI. Lakeshore Law Center has a class action suit against them. The Cal Bar is after him for over $50K. His m.o. is taking money upfront for just about anything he can — bankruptcy, foreclosure, evictions, etc. He finds the most desperate people and promises them a fix but he takes their money and runs. I’m afraid he is still preying on people who are not able to research him. If you check his bar record, you’ll see he has been in trouble before and what he’s been caught doing is only the tip of the iceberg!!”

Apparently we have mentioned Robert Buscho before so that part checked out.

And according to The State Bar of California Robert Joseph Buscho was disbarred last fall and prohibited from practicing law in California. – Source

The State Bar lists his address as:

831 N Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

As you can see from the Google Maps picture, this location was also known as Orientation Legal Center.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.30.32 PM

And Anaheim Legal Center with the phone number 714-563-0443.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.33.03 PM

The domain name centerlegal.com and abogadolegal.com are listed as being owned by N/A at:

831 N. Anaheim Blvd
Anaheim, CA 92805

The telephone number associated with the domain registration is 714-563-0443. That is the same number associated with the centerlegal.com website.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.19.16 PM

The State Bar of California record for attorney Kenneth W. Szalonek lists his address as:

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212 E Rowland St #126
Covina, CA 91723

His telephone number is listed as 909-615-3509- Source

Odd Statement on Anaheim Legal Center Law Office Site

The website for Anaheim Legal Center Law Offices of Kenneth W. Szalonek actually says in the “about us” section:

Team Law Office of Robert J and Associates Buscho looks forward to becoming part of your team.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.24.28 PM

In addition the website claims it “is a world leader in the field of judicial services.” The office states they offer a number of services that appear to be directed toward immigrants.

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 12.29.05 PM

Robert Buscho Disbarment and Restitution

The State Bar of California has the following to state about 2012 actions against Buscho:

“ROBERT JOSEPH BUSCHO, 53, of Anaheim was disbarred Sept. 20, 2012, and was ordered to make restitution and comply with rule 9.20 of the California Rules of Court.

Buscho stipulated to multiple acts of misconduct in 18 loan modification matters. He was hired as a senior litigation attorney in 2009 by United Law Group Inc., (ULG), a firm specializing in mortgage loan modifications. He ultimately bought ULG and handled bankruptcy matters as well, employing 35-40 people. Over a few months in 2010, some employees received authorization from some clients to withdraw funds electronically from their bank accounts, and they then converted the funds.

Because of his failure to adequately supervise his employees, Buscho neglected the clients’ cases. For the most part, he was unaware ULG had been retained. Buscho filed for bankruptcy on behalf of ULG and in September 2010, the bankruptcy trustee assumed control over its practice.
Buscho stipulated to numerous counts of failing to perform legal services competently, refund unearned fees. He also violated state law by accepting advance fees for loan modification cases. In three cases, he failed to protect his clients’ interests after he stopped representing them. And he practiced in jurisdictions where he was not licensed.

Buscho agreed to make restitution totaling $52,305.

He has been disciplined three times previously, in 1999, 2001 and 2003, for misconduct including failures to perform legal services competently, refund unearned fees, communicate with a client, or cooperate with the bar’s investigation, and he failed to protect his clients’ interests when his representation ended. He also failed to comply with probation requirements and practiced law while suspended for non-payment of bar dues.

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In mitigation, Buscho cooperated with the bar’s investigation, demonstrated remorse and attempted to rein in the ULG employees, who gave him false information. When the bankruptcy trustee took over ULG, Buscho was denied access to its files and was unable to help any of the complaining clients. Several members of his family also face serious health challenges.”

Class Action Lawsuit by Lakeshore Law Center

According to information available on the Lakeshore Law Center website, there was a class action suit against United Law Group, Sean Alan Rutledge, Damian Robert Kutzner, Robert Joseph Buscho, Vito Torchia, Corvi J. Urling, and Judy Contino. – Source, Source


We make no statement regarding the accuracy of the allegations made by the commenter and tipster. Of the statements we are able to publicly confirm, as you can see, there do appear to be some questions and concerns that are supported by the facts.


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14 thoughts on “Robert J. Buscho & Anaheim Legal Center Law Offices of Kenneth W. Szalonek Mystery”

  1. This is Robert Buscho. I am not working for or associated with the Law Offices of Kenneth Szalonek or abogadolegal.com. Any attribution of me to either organization is utterly false and malicious. I am not practicing as an attorney or any other profession at this time. I am not soliciting clients. I, of course, don’t own the websites upon which it is claimed that I advertise. This is just a further attempt to defame me by persons too cowardly to confront me. I invite your response, Steve.

    • All of the information in the article is sourced, linked and shown. Which of those documents are you claiming is not true?

      Have you contacted that organization to have them remove your name?


          • Gerardo,

            It’s only Libel if it’s not true. Since the article is clearly sourced, you are going after the wrong person.

          • If you are writing something about someone than you should go after that specific person. Not necessarily after Mr. SZALONEK or the organization who use attorneys for special appearances such as Attorneys To Go or Paralegal services who has no associations with their wrong people.

            As you can see even Jason has the same opinion.

            First at all. Mr. BUSCHO did not work for or within ANAHEIM LEGAL CENTER- Mr. SZALONEK has his own office in West COVINA. You certainly do not want to deal with him directly – He is well respected and known in the community. Anaheim LEGAL CENTER has been in existing for a very long time. No complaints-No DEFAULTS and as far as I know they have been serving the community with an excellent and outstanding service. Even if mr. BUSCHO or Mr. SZALONEK were use by this company in the past they certainly are not associated with UNITED LAW GROUP and has not defraud any clients. I have use their services for a long time and I will continue to use their services with pride.

            You should change and removed your article before someone gets very mad at you and your website. By the way anyone can write anything in their website. Writing Mr, Buscho in their website was an honest mistake by the designer. His name still there but soon will be removed. It was an error.

          • If there is anything in error in the article, please feel free to fill out a report form at https://getoutofdebt.org//report-an-error/

            If Anaheim Legal Center wants to issue a public statement about the error the web designer made, I’d be happy to publish it. As of right now the website still says, “Team Anaheim Professional Center of Robert J and Associates Buscho looks forward to becoming part of your team.”

            I think Jason was actually referring to you.

          • I strongly suggest that you revise the website to see if Mr. Buscho or Mr SZALONEK are MENTIONED on the website. REMOVED THIS ARTICLE.

          • As of today the site abogadolegal.com has been updated. While it no longer mentions Buscho, as late did ten days ago, it does not mention there is any attorney responsible for the website. It now appears to be a marketing front for a non-attorney. Otherwise, why would the attorney behind it not mention his or her name? Also, a search of the State of California records could not find a business registered to do business under the name Anaheim Professional Center. So who is behind it?

            According to public records, the domain name is owned by N/A and the administrative contact is John S. Castro. The California Bar does not have an attorney by that name.

            So as it stands now, the public does not know what or who is behind the site.

          • You do not even give your full name address and phone number- You are not an investigator nor you are a responsible person. Your comments are inappropriate and is looking for a RESPONSIBLE party. As you may know Corporations are created for that reason. So people like you do not file FRIVOLOUS statements or lawsuits.who do you think you are to be publishing lies, speculated comments and assumptions of a business. If you have a real truthfully article with a complaint with a real CLIENT than published. Otherwise STAY AWAY from us or will go after YOU for DEFAMATION. will find you Whoever YOU ARE. At least you have our firm name address and phone number- do you have Mr Mistery COWARD?

          • Can you please translate this for me into a logical statement. You actually seem to be ranting at yourself since it is you who is not identified. My name is all over the place.

          • I did receive the following contact form from a John Castro who said he was with Abogado Legal.

            Who is behind Myvesta foundation ?
            Why are you going after a Business without an evidence of any wrongdoing ?
            What is your telephone number?
            We do not owe you any money to you.


            I think the article is self explanatory. I was checking out a reader submitted statement.

            Don’t have a public one.

            OK. (Not sure what that has to do with anything.)

            If there was something I said that was in error at the time of publishing, please use the link on the side of the story to report it. Report an Error – https://getoutofdebt.org//report-an-error/

          • Gerardo, or whatever your name really is,

            Don’t twist my words to your benefit. If you have a problem here of “defamation” or I believe the term you are incorrectly referring to is “libel” then you should be contacting the registered owner of abogadolegal.com:

            Castro, John S cenleg@pacbell.net
            831 N. Anaheim Blvd
            Anaheim, CA 92805
            +1.7145630443 Fax: +1.7145630443

            John Castro who is the registered owner of the domain. You cannot prosecute someone for libel for publishing

            A. Public Information,

            B.Information submitted by a third party (in this situation, the info is reader submitted with facts verified and sourced by Steve) and

            C. Information that turns out to be factually true!

            In fact, maybe we should take it up with the California BAR and let them find out who’s misrepresenting who here!

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