Jenni Can’t Make the Car Payment and is Behind on Rent and the Clutch Just Went


“Dear Steve,

I am behind on my car payment. I can’t pay my rent this month. The clutch just went out on my car. I work two jobs but I can’t get to them now that my car is broken. I joined the Army but I don’t leave until January.

How can I get my bills payed? How can I get out of this mess?


Dear Jenni,

First, let me thank you for your commitment to entering the armed forces. No matter what role you will be playing, the courage, dedication, sacrifice and commitment are to be applauded.

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Your situation is a very difficult and a tough spot to be in with few good answers, but here are some suggestions.

The initial fall back position is to turn to family and friends for help. They are typically the most understanding unofficial lenders to turn to in time of crisis.

Next, this is when having good credit and access to a credit card is helpful. This is the actual emergency that everyone always talks about needing a credit card for. Using a credit card at a time like this allows you to use the money of other people to make ends meet. But that money has to be paid back.

If you don’t have a credit card you can use and you can pay the money you need back the next time you get paid, then I would suggest a payday loan. The fees for payday loans are high but so is the cost of not being able to fix the car and get to work to get a check.

Payday loans are typically used by people that are unbanked, don’t have easy access to credit cards, or need a short term loan in an emergency. You can click on this link for more payday loan information.

I am not a big fan of expensive borrowing but then, I’m not a huge fan of getting evicted or not being able to get to jobs you already have, to pay the bills.

Finally, if you are the member of a church or religious organization, you can always turn to them for help in your time of need. Depending on their financial circumstances, they may be able to lend a hand.

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