Tim Wants His Share of Free Money Available to Consolidate His Debt

“Dear Steve,

We are currently $2600.00 behind on all are bills, including our mortgage. I can’t get aloan cause it would be just another bill. I was looking for someone who might just give a gift. I really want to go into Christmas stress free.

I have a beautiful wife and two children.It is really hard looking at them with the situation we are in. I know if we could get caught up it would really change things. Things have really fallen off in the last three months cause my hours got cut at work.

I am so tired at looking at an empty fridge and a pile bills. I just need someone to help us right now. I have tried everything.

I am very dedicated to never be in this situation again want this problem is resolved.

Where can I get help?


Dear Tim,

Do You Have a Question You'd Like Help With? Contact Debt Coach Damon Day. Click here to reach Damon.

Even if there was some magic money fairy that paid off bills, it would not help. While it might bring you current so you could enter the Christmas season without delinquent bills, it would do nothing to resolve the underlying issue that you can’t afford your monthly obligations.

Your tension and stress about entering the holiday time of the year is common. Often those feelings and emotions revolve around the guilt of not being able to give gifts. But the magic of the holidays is actually not about the gifts, but about the joy of family, fellowship and being thankful for what you do have at hand.

This might be a good opportunity to sit down with the entire family and explain the reality of your current financial situation and let everyone think about what you can do special for each other without spending money on commercial gifts. Make things, do things and find other ways to give this year.

In figuring out which bills to pay, always pay the mortgage, and utilities first. Don’t let those bills get behind.

It might just be that bankruptcy might be the best option for you to eliminate the bills you can’t pay. It is a legal way to discharge your debt that is no longer sustainable with your current income. Otherwise, you can increase your income to cover the bills or ask your wife if she can work.

For more information about bankruptcy, contact a local bankruptcy lawyer and ask for a free bankruptcy review or meeting to discuss if bankruptcy is right for you.

If you are living on the edge and without food for your children, you may qualify for Nutrition Assistance Programs offered by the USDA. Check out the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

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