Holiday Shoppers May Soon Turn to YouTube

It’s Prime Day on Amazon (AMZN), the unofficial kickoff to the holiday shopping season. With the ongoing pandemic causing many people to continue shopping from home, retailers are on the lookout for creative ways to highlight their products. A new tool in marketers’ pockets may soon be YouTube (GOOGL). The vision: imagine YouTube as a … Read more

In Debt After the Holidays? These 8 Tips Can Helpholiday

While the holidays are an exciting time, they often come with a hefty price tag. If you’ve overspent on gifts, travel, parties and other things during the holidays, you’re not alone. Consumers expect to spend more than an average of $1,000 during the 2019 holiday season, according to a survey from the National Retail Federation. If you’re … Read more

6 Out of 10 People Stressed About Holiday Spending

Consumers may not feel so jolly once they head into this year’s holiday shopping season. According to a national survey by Experian, many respondents are concerned about the financial stress of gift buying and adding debt, as well as becoming an identity theft victim. When it comes to their finances, a majority of survey respondents … Read more

Online Shopping Tips For The Holiday Shopping On The Horizon

I feel it’s safe to assume that since Halloween is now over we can officially label this time of the year as the Holiday Season! Which I am super excited about! I love Thanksgiving and December’s holidays – mostly for the food – but often find the obligation and burden of buying gifts a heavy … Read more

Avoiding Post-Holiday Headaches

All the parties are over and the decorations are put away. There goes another wonderful, fun-filled holiday season. That musical tie looked great on grandpa. Especially when it kept waking him up from his after-dinner nap. And the remote control, walking-talking-pooping dog was a riot with the kids. Now comes the hard part — facing … Read more

How to Survive the Holidays Without Going Broke (or Insane!)

Demanding in-laws, children, spouses and siblings. Any or all of these can cause you to pull your hair out during the holiday season. Add this to the financial pressures exerted on your wallet at this time of year and you have a recipe for potential disaster. With not enough time for everyone and everything, it … Read more

How to Cut Your Holiday Bills in Half Without Feeling Like Scrooge

If you usually find yourself in January and February facing a stack of bills from holiday shopping, resolve that this year you aren’t going to let the spending get out of hand. Decide that your holiday memories are going to be happy ones, not headaches! Following are strategies for spending less while enjoying your holidays … Read more

Tim Wants His Share of Free Money Available to Consolidate His Debt

“Dear Steve, We are currently $2600.00 behind on all are bills, including our mortgage. I can’t get aloan cause it would be just another bill. I was looking for someone who might just give a gift. I really want to go into Christmas stress free. I have a beautiful wife and two children.It is really … Read more

Christmas Bills, Holiday Bills, Kwanzaa Bills, And Chanukah Bills Are Coming. Here is What to Do When It’s Time to Pay Them And You Can’t.

Every single year a new crop of unprepared consumers gets blindsided by the post holiday bills which begin to arrive after the middle of January. It is a predictable phenomena. Credit counselors and debt counselors get really slow before the holidays and then slammed when those post holiday bills roll in. And even though many … Read more