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Preferred Law Told Me to Stop Making My Mortgage Payments. – Iris

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I recently contacted Preferred Law PLLC to help me with BOA Modification. I have tried for 14 months on my own and this is just to much stress. Of course, they said that they could get it done within 4-6 months and the cost would be $3,900.00. Stop making my mortgage payments, they guarantee it 100 % and this scares me? I looked at the BBB which gave them an A- rating but this company in BBB Credited. I am currently 2 months behind on my mortgage what’s your opinion.


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Dear Iris,

I typically suggest people first turn to free mortgage modification counseling from a HUD Housing Counselor. The service is paid for by the government.

The concern is if you are even qualified for a BOA program to begin with. Banks are not required to modify mortgages and they have strict requirements.

If Preferred Law wants you to pay so much money, then it seems reasonable to ask them to give you a guarantee or refund if they are unable to obtain the refund. Additionally ask them to provide you with independently verified statistics that demonstrate their success rate so you can make an informed decision.

You might want to compare what they are selling you with the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rules from the Federal Trade Commission.

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If you want to try to qualify under a government program, use the links below for free.

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