Estate Law Group Vanished With My Money. – Larry

“Dear Steve,

i retained estate law group 15333 culver dr,irvine california, june 2012 and paid them 2600 bucks,working with them back and fourth in the beginning but started noticing is was getting hard to get ahold of them,i was trying to mofify my 1st and 2nd mort which they told me not to pay, at one point they told me that we were making too much money so they told me to take my wife off direct pay so it doesnt show on my bank statements. mean while that didnt do anything with my 2nd mort. they said they have to finish the first one before they touch the 2nd, mean while i paid for both up front. around dec 15th 2012 i recieved a summonds notification from my 2nd mort company to answer the summons,it took me 2 weeks to get ahold of them, they sent me a letter for me to send to answer the summons. i just recieved another 2 weeks ago and i have been calling them,emailing and no answer, i havent paid for my mortgages and im very nervousand dont want to los e my home. please point me in the right direction,and i have every once of paperwork,emails names and i will do anything to get my money back and get them all put behind bars

please help,i have all docs and conversations in my mailbox, i only know how to forward them from email, when you recieve this and respond, i will send you everything thank you



Dear Larry,

Judging by the rash of recent consumer complaints posted it appears they have closed up shop and vanished.

I’d love to tell you that’s an unusual occurrence with some debt relief companies but it’s not. This is one reason I’ve been so against people paying in advance for similar type services.

I would suggest you start this process.

You may want to contact a free HUD Housing Counselor for help with your mortgage.

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