How Do I Get TitleMax to Give Me My Title After Bankruptcy?

“Dear Steve,

About 4 years ago I received a title loan from title max during that repayment time I lost my job and came down with some health issue which caused me to default on the loan. In 2012 I decided to file bankruptcy chapter 7. Now the motor has gone out in the 2001 Nissan Altima and now there is some one interested in fixing the car up and passing it on to their teen grandchild. I contacted Title Max but they want me to pay off the loan.

I want to know what would be my option in receiving my title back from titlemax after filing bankruptcy on a non working vehicle?”

car broken

Your only option would be to negotiate some reduced amount as a settlement in return for the title.

The problem here is the bankruptcy discharged your need to repay the lien against the car but did not remove the lien.

The only way to get the title back would be to either pay the debt secured against the car or negotiate a lesser amount to satisfy the lien.

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Get TitleMax to Give Me My Title After Bankruptcy?”

  1. You mean you borrowed money from them and they ACTUALLY want you to pay them back in full! What a novel idea. Pay your bills!!!!

  2. There is a way to make this work, but it has to be done while the bankruptcy case is still active. You file a motion asking the court for an order that compels the title lender to repossess the car within 30 day, or failing that, to release it’s lien and return the title. There really isn’t much law behind that, but in my experience they don’t really want the car, and they don’t want to have to hire a lawyer to deal with the court hearing, so they simply mail me the clean title. Even if they repo’d the car, at least you wouldn’t be stuck with something that you can’t legally get rid of, but so far that hasn’t happened.


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