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Mortgage Lender List of Loss Mitigation Contacts That Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure

If you have a mortgage with one of the lenders below you can use the contact information to reach the person at the lender that should be able to direct you to the special terms or programs available to help you avoid foreclosure or to come to a solution regarding your delinquent mortgage.

The contacts should be able to handle Short Sales, Foreclosures, Forebearances, Loan Modifications, Repayments, Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure arrangements, etc.

Altegra Credit Co. Loan Services Loss Mitigation Department
(Home Loan Services)
Gary Fedoronko
[email protected]

American Home Mortgage Servicing fka Option One Loss Mitigation Department
Donald Kelly
[email protected]

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. Loss Mitigation Department
(Citi Residential Lending)
Tess Hoo
[email protected]
714-634-2474 ext 38864

BancorpSouth Loss Mitigation Department
Carla Hall
[email protected]

Bank of America Loss Mitigation Department
Nick Kieser
[email protected]

Cynthia Mech Loss Mitigation Department
[email protected]

Boshwit Bros. Mortgage Co. Loss Mitigation Department
Andrew Boshwit [email protected]

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Co. Loss Mitigation Department
(Chase Home Finance)
No Certain Person

Chevy Case Bank / B.F. Saul Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Jeff Huston
[email protected]

Jana Gantt
[email protected]

Cimarron Mortgage Co. Loss Mitigation Department
Ronnie Greenhagen
[email protected]
601-899-1547 (voice)
601-899-1502 (fax)

Citifinancial Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Dianne Whatley
[email protected]

I received the following note but it was not clear if this referred to Citifinancial or Citimortgage.

“We’ve noticed that some of our customers have left comments about us on your site. In addition, we see that you have some contact information that may be outdated. To help Citi customers who are finding they are having trouble meeting their obligations related to their mortgages, we have set up an e-mail address: [email protected]

By using this address, our customers will be routed as quickly as possible to the appropriate area for assistance. We will typically respond within 2 business days.

We wanted to let you know. Feel free to share this information on your site, if you feel it will be helpful to your readers.”

Citimortgage Loss Mitigation Department
John Godinet
[email protected]
301-696-4473 (fax)

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Leann Luhn
[email protected]
301-696-4473 (fax)

Colonial Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Gerald Banks
[email protected]

Countrywide Loss Mitigation Department
Kelly May
[email protected]

Bobbi Hook
[email protected]

Trent Thompson
[email protected]

Gentry LaFon
[email protected]

Davison State Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Lori Barton
[email protected]

EMC Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Michael Brown

Kristen Belmonte
[email protected]

Fentura Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Lori Barton
[email protected]

1st Trust Bank for Savings Loss Mitigation Department
(Magna Bank)
Robin Terry
[email protected]
901-309-7999 ext 4413

First Horizon Loss Mitigation Department
Leigh Ann Hammon
[email protected]

Shantell Williams
[email protected]

First Tennessee Loss Mitigation Department
Carol Wilkerson
[email protected]

Flagstar Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Jerri A. Willis
[email protected]
248-312-6690 (phone)
888-710-8130 (fax)

GMAC Rescap Loss Mitigation Department, Homecomings Financial and GMAC Loss Mitigation Department
For information on our Loss Mitigation Program, please refer to, click on the link ‘Help for Homeowners’ to obtain a workout application and instruction.
To inquire about the status of an existing application, please call 1-866-709-4744.

If you have completed a workout application and have all required supporting documents, please fax to 1-866-709-4744 or, 1-800,211-3539.

Litton Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Randy Reynolds
[email protected]

John Crandall
[email protected]
713-561-8211 (phone)
713-793-4304 (fax

Litton Mortgage c/o Prommis Solutions Loss Mitigation Department
Brad Norwood
[email protected]
770-643-7288 Tel.
1-866-480-4949 Fax

MB Financial Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Nannette Makarzyk
[email protected]
847-653-2840 (phone)
847-653-0099 (fax)

M & T Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Judith Palmer
[email protected]
716-635-4008 Tel.
716-635-4070 Fax

National City Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Ext. 57153

Ocwen Loss Mitigation Department
Cindy White
[email protected]

PHH Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
[email protected]

Real Time Resolutions Loss Mitigation Department
Angela Jump
[email protected]
214-599-6376 direct
877-469-7325 ext 6376
214-599-6388 Fax

Resurgent Capital Services Loss Mitigation Department
General Contacts
Jessica Gullick
[email protected]

Escalated Contacts:
Sherrie Emerson
[email protected]
800-365-7107 ext 8615

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Karen Gearhart
[email protected]
800-365-7107 ext 8355

Michael Keaton
[email protected]
800-365-7107 ext 8756

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Loss Mitigation Department
Ann Oley
[email protected]

Select Portfolio Servicing Loss Mitigation Department
Joann Goldman
[email protected]

The State Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Lori Barton
[email protected]

Washington Mutual Home Loans Loss Mitigation Department
David Whitman

Julie A. Mathis

Chrissy Lopez

Shalonda C. Anderson
[email protected]

Wells Fargo Financial Loss Mitigation Department
Pam Gross
[email protected]

Wells Fargo Financial Bank Loss Mitigation Department
515-331-9130 or 866-533-2108

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Kimber Dehning
[email protected]

Wilshire Credit Corporation Loss Mitigation Department
Jodi Seits
[email protected]

Tricia Patterson
[email protected]

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  • I called the number on the Flagstar Bank that you have listed and it was a males voice and a different name and they did not identify with the Loss Mitigation Dept. Imagaine that, considering the trouble I have already had with them.

  • I called the number on the Flagstar Bank that you have listed and it was a males voice and a different name and they did not identify with the Loss Mitigation Dept. Imagaine that, considering the trouble I have already had with them.

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful list of mortgage lenders. They would certainly help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

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