Mortgage Lender List of Loss Mitigation Contacts That Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure

If you have a mortgage with one of the lenders below you can use the contact information to reach the person at the lender that should be able to direct you to the special terms or programs available to help you avoid foreclosure or to come to a solution regarding your delinquent mortgage.

The contacts should be able to handle Short Sales, Foreclosures, Forebearances, Loan Modifications, Repayments, Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure arrangements, etc.

Altegra Credit Co. Loan Services Loss Mitigation Department
(Home Loan Services)
Gary Fedoronko

American Home Mortgage Servicing fka Option One Loss Mitigation Department
Donald Kelly

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. Loss Mitigation Department
(Citi Residential Lending)
Tess Hoo
714-634-2474 ext 38864

BancorpSouth Loss Mitigation Department
Carla Hall

Bank of America Loss Mitigation Department
Nick Kieser

Cynthia Mech Loss Mitigation Department

Boshwit Bros. Mortgage Co. Loss Mitigation Department
Andrew Boshwit aboswhit@comcast.net

Chase Manhattan Mortgage Co. Loss Mitigation Department
(Chase Home Finance)
No Certain Person

Chevy Case Bank / B.F. Saul Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Jeff Huston

Jana Gantt

Cimarron Mortgage Co. Loss Mitigation Department
Ronnie Greenhagen
601-899-1547 (voice)
601-899-1502 (fax)

Citifinancial Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Dianne Whatley

I received the following note but it was not clear if this referred to Citifinancial or Citimortgage.

“We’ve noticed that some of our customers have left comments about us on your site. In addition, we see that you have some contact information that may be outdated. To help Citi customers who are finding they are having trouble meeting their obligations related to their mortgages, we have set up an e-mail address: homeownerhelp@citi.com.

By using this address, our customers will be routed as quickly as possible to the appropriate area for assistance. We will typically respond within 2 business days.

We wanted to let you know. Feel free to share this information on your site, if you feel it will be helpful to your readers.”

Citimortgage Loss Mitigation Department
John Godinet
301-696-4473 (fax)


Leann Luhn
301-696-4473 (fax)

Colonial Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Gerald Banks

Countrywide Loss Mitigation Department
Kelly May

Bobbi Hook

Trent Thompson

Gentry LaFon

Davison State Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Lori Barton

EMC Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Michael Brown

Kristen Belmonte

Fentura Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Lori Barton

1st Trust Bank for Savings Loss Mitigation Department
(Magna Bank)
Robin Terry
901-309-7999 ext 4413

First Horizon Loss Mitigation Department
Leigh Ann Hammon

Shantell Williams

First Tennessee Loss Mitigation Department
Carol Wilkerson

Flagstar Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Jerri A. Willis
248-312-6690 (phone)
888-710-8130 (fax)

GMAC Rescap Loss Mitigation Department, Homecomings Financial and GMAC Loss Mitigation Department
For information on our Loss Mitigation Program, please refer to www.gmacmortgage.com, click on the link ‘Help for Homeowners’ to obtain a workout application and instruction.
To inquire about the status of an existing application, please call 1-866-709-4744.

If you have completed a workout application and have all required supporting documents, please fax to 1-866-709-4744 or, 1-800,211-3539.

Litton Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Randy Reynolds

John Crandall
713-561-8211 (phone)
713-793-4304 (fax

Litton Mortgage c/o Prommis Solutions Loss Mitigation Department
Brad Norwood
770-643-7288 Tel.
1-866-480-4949 Fax

MB Financial Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Nannette Makarzyk
847-653-2840 (phone)
847-653-0099 (fax)

M & T Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Judith Palmer
716-635-4008 Tel.
716-635-4070 Fax

National City Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Ext. 57153

Ocwen Loss Mitigation Department
Cindy White

PHH Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department

Real Time Resolutions Loss Mitigation Department
Angela Jump
214-599-6376 direct
877-469-7325 ext 6376
214-599-6388 Fax

Resurgent Capital Services Loss Mitigation Department
General Contacts
Jessica Gullick

Escalated Contacts:
Sherrie Emerson
800-365-7107 ext 8615

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Karen Gearhart
800-365-7107 ext 8355

Michael Keaton
800-365-7107 ext 8756

SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Loss Mitigation Department
Ann Oley

Select Portfolio Servicing Loss Mitigation Department
Joann Goldman

The State Bank Loss Mitigation Department
Lori Barton

Washington Mutual Home Loans Loss Mitigation Department
David Whitman

Julie A. Mathis

Chrissy Lopez

Shalonda C. Anderson

Wells Fargo Financial Loss Mitigation Department
Pam Gross

Wells Fargo Financial Bank Loss Mitigation Department
515-331-9130 or 866-533-2108

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Loss Mitigation Department
Kimber Dehning

Wilshire Credit Corporation Loss Mitigation Department
Jodi Seits

Tricia Patterson

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50 thoughts on “Mortgage Lender List of Loss Mitigation Contacts That Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure”

  1. I called the number on the Flagstar Bank that you have listed and it was a males voice and a different name and they did not identify with the Loss Mitigation Dept. Imagaine that, considering the trouble I have already had with them.

  2. I called the number on the Flagstar Bank that you have listed and it was a males voice and a different name and they did not identify with the Loss Mitigation Dept. Imagaine that, considering the trouble I have already had with them.

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful list of mortgage lenders. They would certainly help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

  4. Internal Citi directory IF you know the name.
    636-261-2482 when prompted press 1.

    Charles McPease not found in directory

    Leann Luhn 877-538-3652 ext. 1680240

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  6. Can anyone tell News 9 Bangalore Office Address and Contact Number?
    News 9 Bangalore Channel Website, Office Address of Bangalore, Phone Number.. Please tell

  7. I just find it interesting that we are all in the same boat with the mortgage companies! They don’t want to deal – seems to be easier to foreclose and use the bailout money to offset the loss! I think that this entire blog/website info needs to be forwarded to our government – how about the president as well.

    I’ve been trying for 3-years to get a modification with CitiMortgage – hired a local Detroit co to represent me and today after 8 mos – 6 months paying under a forbearance agreement, I tried to fax updated info and the fax # is now “an unassigned extension of CitiMortgage”.

    If it isn’t one thing it is another!

    News Reps: Please go on the air and talk about how the lenders won’t deal!! I’m tired of turning on the news and watching how us dead beat homeowners are walking away from our homes. What the &*&& are we to do?


  8. Need help with CitiMortgage. I went through a loan mod company and was put ont the phone with a person who said I was approved for the mod but had to go through a 90 day period of making my payment at the new rate. After that
    I would recieve paper work to modify the loan. Now they have no record of it. I have a letter from the loss mitigation dept. acknoledgeing some of this but no info on who to contact. Any ideas Thanks

    • Let me tell you something, and this is a warning. We are in the same boat, I have been dealing with citimortgage for 9 months now and nothing has been resolve. Each time I call to check on the status on the modification, I speak to different representatives and each tell a different stories. I repeat do not do the 90 day trial with a new rate. My previous mortgage payment was 3000 dollars before I statyed with the modification. They said I had to pay 991 dollars for the payment trial and so we did for 3 months. It took citimortgage 7 months to denied our application. They never told us once the 90 days was over we had to go back paying the 3000 dollars. When we found out we have to paid the 7 months difference my family and I freaked out. Let me remind you, your credit score is on the line. Do not let citimorgage talk you in making a new payment rate for the 90 day trial. It’s a trick, because it’s not a guarantee that you will be approve for modification. If you want to go along with the modification, keep making your regular monthly payment, that way your credit score won’t go down and you will be upto date with your payment. Citimortgage get so frustrated, each time I speak to one of them with their lies, my temperature goes up. Loss mitigation department are just as unpredictable as the representatives, their can’t get they story straight. When you speak to the representative, tell them you want your conversation to be recorded.

      • I have been dealing with Citifinancial mortgage since March the agreement was with someone from Citifinancial Mortgage & The Mortgage Modification Group that has been helping me that I would only have to make my normal payment for 2 months no longer than 3 months every time I call they are trying to say that they have a Glitch in their program and that they do not know how long it will take. The reason my mortgage payment was increased $300.00 was that Citifinancial Mortgage made an error and was not charging me enough in my escrow. I think that they are trying to extend it to get all the payments instead of processing the modification. I know one thing if this modification does not go through I’m going to refinance and go to another Mortgage Company I have had enough.

        • If you are in a position to remortgage – RUN do not walk and DO IT!!! CitiMortgage IS THE WORST LENDER ON EARTH!!! Ask anyone – any attorney. The bankruptcy attys are saying they are the only company that won’t deal with people!!! Check out the credit unions for mortgages – rates are REALLY LOW!

  9. Gianna,
    I have several fax numbers for EMC – I would fax to all of them just to be safe. Put your loan number, name, and contact information on every page. The fax numbers are 214-626-4777, 917-849-2677 and 214-626-4706. Good luck, Eileen

  10. hi, i have a question if anybody can help me. does anyone know the fax number for emc foreclosure dept?

    i’m in chapter 13 and i’m thinking of having my case dismissed. i submitted a loan modification to emc last nov. 2009 but it is still under review. i asked the loan mod if they will still continue foreclosure proceedings (if my case is dismissed) even though my modification is under review. the loan mod said probaby yes, but does not know how long the foreclosure process is until we get a sheriff’s sale, and she just said to ask the foreclosure dept. but they don’t answer phones, the can only be contacted by fax. if anyone knows the fax number, or any other method of contacting them, please post.

    thank you!

  11. Hi,
    Has anyone had any experience with an offer of settlement?
    Our condo is worth what we owe on our first mortgage but we also have a second mortgage which is basically unsecured. We filed for BK in 2009 and included the first and second in the BK but have been making payments on both. Our 2nd mortgage pmt just went up and we are having difficulty paying it and are cosidering letting the property go into foreclosure. Our attorney suggested we make a settlement offer to Bank of America for the second mortgage to avoid foreclosure. B of A holds the first and the second which they inherited from Countrywide. Do you know if B of A has entered into settlements like this in the past?

  12. Steve,

    Would you happen to have the mortgage company leadership contact information for EMC to contact tem directly?
    Name, Number, mailing address for letters?


  13. Is there anyone out there that has had a successful loan modification? Is there anyone who has had success as a result of Loss Mitigation? Is there anyone who has had success as a result of Loss Mitigation with Bank Of America? Based on everyone’s comments it’s making me think it’s easier to do a Short Sale and get it over with. Can anyone please offer words of encouragement and positive advice? Everything appears so daunting. Can anyone shed any positive light? Please!

    • Hello Jim. I am a real estate broker in Southern California and I have been able to help some borrowers successfully complete modifcations and others complete their short sales. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix with either scenario. Both processes can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. With that said, I have had short sales approved within 60-90 days of submission, but can take up to 6 months depending on the lender and the investor who has to give final approval on the negotiated amount (Keep in mind, most companies are servicers who need to get approval elsewhere or are backed by Fannie or Freddie). Loan modifications usually take much longer, some have taken more than a year to complete. Even when the lender issues a “trial period modifcation” there is no guarantee you will keep those payments at the end of the trial period, some are even declined after making trial period payments for over 6 months. Bank of America has been the toughest lender I have worked with, but their overall time frames seem to be improving. Either way you look at it, constant communication and determination will be necessary with the lender to make sure they are moving forward with your file, and in receipt of all necessary documentation. Keep in mind each lender/investor may have their own criteria for approvals, but at the end of the day it comes down to them getting as much $$$ from the homeowner or prospective buyer as possible.

      • You are right. B.O.A. is very bad lender as far I know. Their people can just tell you different story every time I called, since 2 months ago, and not even have to mention about their phone line that always got cut off. I asked for their manager and finally spoke with the supervisor name Mark Anderson as promised to call me back within couple days and still not hear anything from him. I have called again today 3 times but no luck to talk to him.
        I just try to do my best, as I am glad if I can let go the house with value 50% what I owed and with the association fee usd.175 just for water that I receive. Any advise what the best for me?

    • We have been working with GMAC for about 3 months and some of the delays were caused by people outside of GMAC. Our first bunch of information was sent from KINKOs and somehow or other was stopped halfway and all of it was not received. We did not put our loan number on each piece of paper we sent, which is a vital part of organization. Several times after this, we were asked to send the same information that we thought we had sent, and once it was requested to be sent on a different revised form from the GMAC website. There are so many people involved in the process that there are going to be a lot of mistakes made and sometimes it seems that one person doesn’t realize what another person in the company is doing. So, it is important to keep trying to resolve each issue with each piece of information as it is received and not put it off.

      The IRS sent back a request for our income tax records for three years because they felt the form had been altered (we went over a date with a pen and it looked messy) This paper came back to us about 6 weeks after it was submitted! And, the IRS said they did not notify GMAC that it was unacceptable. We redid the form and sent it to the IRS and a copy to GMAC immediately. Even if others don’t respond to your emails and calls immediately, I think it is important to show you are always ready to respond to them.

      We had no one person to contact (after our initial meeting with GMAC at a “HELP save your home” sign up in Portland, Oregon), and when we would call the number listed on the forms we received, we usually talked to “call centers” who looked up our file and gave us information that usually said: “Call back in a week to 10 days for your status”.

      However, we hung in there and tried to do everything we were asked and finally we received a notice that we were accepted for a trial modification for three months.

      My husband wanted answers and assurances, but I felt that we needed to be patient and wait it out.

      I think it is important to call and check on status no matter how long you have to wait for an operator. Yesterday I called and the 800 number put me through to customer service where I heard the message that they had too high a volume of calls and I should call later. So, I waited a few hours and I called later and was surprised to get through even though I doubted it would work.

      Hope this helps.

  14. I am a real estate agent working a short sale with GMAC. We are in the second phase of negotiation & our contact is Beranadette Daddazio, GMAC Rescap Short Sale Analyst. On Dec 22 she emailed me that we will have all our documents to close before she left Christmas Eve (12/24/09). Nothing happened. After daily calls, emails, faxes – from me to her – we have not heard a word from her. VERY FRUSTRATING. How do I get to her supervisor or someone to help me understand what’s happening. Maybe she died. I have no way of knowing.

  15. OK Steve here is the detailed info you requested on the loan mod process.

    First you have to fax in your budget worksheet which can take up to 6 mo for them to receive it, why you ask because they give you a ton of numbers and then tell you they havent recieved it.

    Then you have to wait to be assigned an analyst which can take up to 4-5 months and because they have so many accounts the analyst get changed before they ever contact you to let you know their name. And most of the time they never contact you.But make sure that you ask them if they are the company that handles your loan modification because they also hire outside companies that handle the loan modification and if the 3rd party company handles your modification they are the ones that need your financial worksheet information and if they dont recieve it what happens is bofa has you in their system as its being processed while the 3rd party company has already taken you out of theirs meaning that you have to start the process all over again.

    Now once you have recieved a analyst you have to just wait until you receive a packet in the mail because as I stated earlier they rarely call you to let you know whats going on which is why the process takes so long…….

  16. As an ex-employee of bofa i know that in loss mitigation most of the cases were not being looked at or have expired and no kind of notification was given to the homeowners. alot of the time bofa has a third party that actually handles the loan mod depending on the lender like fannie mae and hud hires this company to the lon mod or the making homes affordable program then when the homeowner faxes their paperwork over to bofa instead of the third party thats actually handling the loan mod they are taken out of the system and have to start the process all over again. but i also know that the process takes about a year to complete and you still run the risk of going into foreclosure even though your going through a modification.

  17. Hi, great info you are providing, thank you! I’m involved in a short sale with “Bank of the West” as the 1st and Chase as the 2nd. Was wondering if you perhaps have any contact info on either one of these. I see the phone number for Chase above but anything further? Your help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

  18. HeatherB,

    I was just trying to offer another contact name I found. What I’d recommend actually is – not contacting a VP unless people have first tried to work with a loss mitigation specialist and failed. I believe a VP is only going to get involved IF the guys in the trenches, the (loss mitigation specialists) haven’t gotten a case resolved after a certain amount of time.

  19. Is Joseph Fuszard a better contact than David Sunlin at Bank of America? David Sunlin is the one being quoted in the recent articles as being SVP in charge of Short Sales.

  20. Michele W. – Sorry to hear your situation is-what-it-is. Here is a senoir v.p. contact with BOA – Joseph Fuszard

    SVP Division Executive – Real Estate Special Assets & OREO at Bank Of America Corporation
    Bank Of America Corp Ctr 100 North Tryon Street
    Charlotte, NC 28255-0001

    You should contact a local real estate investor and see what type of agreement you can arrive at. Good Luck!

  21. After 120 days trying the “making homes affordable program” at Bank of America I learned from BOA that I do not meet their critiria. I meet all published critiria but finally after all this time and effort, they noticed that there is Mortgage Insurance associated with this loan therefore I do not qualify for assistance.
    My income is half of what it was when I got the mortgage, I have been doing everything possible to stay current but finally had a late pay and will have another this month.
    Any chance of Loss Mitigation at BOA approving a forebearance for a few months until my income recovers a bit?(in your opinion)

  22. Short sale with OCWEN and sale date on 11/2/09. Just got an offer and submitted 2 days ago. They received my file and being reviewed. Iasked if they can postpone and said that OCWEN does not postpone trustee sale. I dont think I stand a chance because we do need enough time to have the buyers to draw loan docs. Please help.

  23. Good luck getting an address for the Bank of America Loss Mitigation Dept. We have been trying to get the phone number of our analyst for months now with no success. Update since last post, we got appraised right after I sent an email to Nick Kieser. Then we were told we would have to wait three weeks for the report because BofA hired a third party to manage the process. So I sent another email to Mr. Kieser and we had the magic number the bank would accept in a couple of days. Our analyst told our lawyer that our case had been fast tracked but she did not know why! Long story short, we were due to close next week but just found out that the Bank will only agree to close if we pay $8469.95 at the closing! We were told when this all started a year ago that since NY is a forgiving state for primary residences and that we would not have to pay anything at closing. Wrong! Then our lawyer told us that HIS fee would be $10,000 but that he was willing to lower it a bit because he knows we don’t have it. We have already lost $143,000 on our house and all our savings. Apparently what NY means by forgiving the debt is to not report the shortfall as a deficiency on your credit report and then they CAN and WILL ask you for funds at the closing. We were never told this. Even our lawyer was surprised. The amount seems to be derived through some unknown calculation because it does not correspond to any specific amounts on the HUD. So, sellers in this situation, BEWARE. No state totally forgives your debt. There are no set rules for any of this, every bank is handling these differently, and within a bank, each case is treated differently. At least in my case this amount is but a fraction of the large amount the bank has lost on this deal so I guess I should be thankful. Meanwhile, my husband’s credit rating lost 150 points after we missed one mortgage payment. Will be interesting to see what happens to his FICO when this is all over, because the longer the bank drags it out, the more mortgage payments they are missing. Then we can only imagine what effect the short sale itself will have.

    • Michelle,
      I’m not from NY so I’m not up to date on state laws. I’m also not familiar with all the intracicies of your case but some of my thoughts: a lot of banks try to get upfront money to offset the loss they’re taking. Your attorney should be on the phone with them and getting that charge removed if not at least having it reduced. You can offer to pay $1500 and the bank would take it providing they not looking at assets that are available.
      You attorney’s fee should be picked up by the bank and not you. As part of the closing package his fee should have been included in the closing costs for the bank. Don;t be suprised if the upfront fee the bank is asking is actually the attorney’s fee. Again, I don’t know all of the details of your case but I’ve seen this before,

  24. Steve:

    Do you have the mailing addresses to Lost Mitigation Department for Bank of America?
    In addition I would like to ask do you recommend to start the conversation with Bank of America or Countrywide contacts you listed since the loan was originated from CW?

    Thank you so much in advance for your prompt answer.


  25. I have a short sale offer in at Suntrust. We are now going into our 7 month. It’s been 3 months since I have had a call back. I call my contract at the bank (Charles McPease)every day. A BPO was ordered about 6 weeks ago. I still have not heard from the Bank. I have also tried talking to other people within that dept. All they do is record it in their system, and still no reply. Any ideas!

    • Doug,

      Send a letter detailing your frustrations to the chairman of the bank. Send it my FedEx or UPS next day air. Let your issue filter down instead of trying to filter it up.


          • Internal Citi directory IF you know the name.
            636-261-2482 when prompted press 1.

            Charles McPease not found in directory

            Leann Luhn 877-538-3652 ext. 1680240

      • I have been working with SunTrust and Mr. Charles McPease for what seems like forever. However, even with a shortsale offer – our third -(with an offer amount approved by SunTrust) they still foreclosed! I am trying to get it reversed as it is a SunTrust held mortgage. Try this e-mail for Mr. McPease.


  26. We have been trying to contact our analyst handling our short sale with Bank of America for 43 days. We are still waiting for the appraisal to be ordered. We were told would take 2 weeks. Then we were told it could take up to 30 days. We have been calling at least twice weekly but got no response other than “Your file is in process”. We left messages to have our analyst call us back with a status update but never received one call. This process makes absoultely no sense and we were extremely frustrated as our buyer is threatening to pull out because we have passed the deadline set for closing.

    Last night I found this site and sent emails to the contacts you listed. I have not heard back from them yet but miracle of miracles, our analyst actually called our lawyer this afternoon and we now have an appraisal order!I am not sure if these contacts had anything to do with this but since this is the FIRST time we have ever heard anything from our analyst, I am going to think that they did. If I hear otherwise I will post again. But I urge everyone in this situation to not sit by idly and let other people handle this situation for them. Contact anyone and everyone you can think of. Thank you so much for posting this information!

  27. I would like to see if you have the info for the loss mitigation department of Wachovia Bank. and if you do so please send the info thruough the E-mail .

  28. The phone # you have for GMAC Mortgage is a FAX #. You may want to get that fixed and provide a true phone #. Thank you kindly.

  29. Thanks for this information, I have contacted a couple of these people already and got a response, hopefully this will help some of my clients avoid the torture of foreclosure.


    Ross Hardy

  30. I used your contacts for emailing Citi-Mortgage, i thought what a nice letter from Joh, I will email him to see if I can get help on a short sale…

    Soon after I sent my message… I got this response…

    Subject: Undeliverable: FW: *!*!* I NEED HELP URGENT*!*!*

    Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

    An error occurred while trying to deliver this message to the recipient’s e-mail address. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you. Please try resending this message, or provide the following diagnostic text to your system administrator.

    The following organization rejected your message: server-9.tower-163.messagelabs.com.

    • If you are not the contact, who is? Do you not work for BofA? Can you please share the LOSS MITIGATION Dept. contact information please? Instead of just asking to remove your own contact information, it would be of great public service to give us the CORRECT CONTACT INFORMATION for the LOSS MITIGATION DEPARTMENT. I’m sure you agree and understand.

      Thank you for you cooperation.


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