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Chase Bank Won’t Remove a Deed in Lieu on My Credit Report. – Shannon

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“Dear Steve, I had a deed in lieu on a property in 2006 and in the process of trying to get it removed by contacting both the bank and credit bureau….the mortgage had need sold at least 3x and now Chase bank owns it. So after 2-3 letters to both the bank and credit bureaus….denying the fact …..I finally received ... Read More »

    Shoud We Sign Our Deed Over to the Bank? – Renee

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    mortgage modification,we waited 3 months for this program to come to term.when we recieved it they added 20,000 and 16 years to our life time debt,mind you we’re in our mid 50,s.we chose not to sign.now our other option would be .forclose or sign the deed over.so we decided to sign it over.whats your take on this??they say we can ... Read More »

      How Does a “Mortgage Release” Work to Let Us Hand Back Our House. My Husband is Active Duty Military.

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      We can’t make our payments, applied for a modification over a year ago. Paid trial payments and the first couple of regular payments, then received a notice from the mortgage co. that they were mistaken, and the mod had not actually gone through. I stopped making the payments as they were not being credited anyway. I finally heard from them ... Read More »

        My Ex-Husband Wants to Give Me the House. He Can’t Afford the Payments. – Kelly

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        “Dear Steve, Ex and I divorced last year. I left him the house but the judge did tell us the decree did not relieve me of the mortgage responsibility. Unfortunately he was not able to refi because of his current income. Called me last week to ask if I’d like the house back because he cannot afford it any longer ... Read More »

          Can I Short Sell My Home or Hand it Back to The Bank with a Deed in Lieu and Save My Credit? – Angela

          “Dear Andy, In 2006, I had a house built from the ground up for my mother to lived in. I paid the mortgage every month always on time. Never missed a payment. My mother passed on 1/11/11, the house is now vacant. I put the house up for sell in March 2011. I paid 180,000 for the home and now ... Read More »

            I Am in a Deed In Lieu of Foreclosure. Can I Sell The Appliances? – Donald

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            “Dear Steve, I am in a deed in leiu of foreclosure and would like to sell all I can. Can I sell the appliances? Donald” Dear Donald, I would imagine that as long as the appliance is not built-in and would normally move with you when the house was sold, then yes. But it would be best to confirm this ... Read More »

              I Bought a House With 100% Financing And Now Can’t Afford It. – Sandy

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              “Dear Steve, Hi- need advice. I am 51 years old. Bought a house in northern Illinois 2 1/2 years ago. 100% financing and I have PMI also. 7.5% rate. 1 1/2 years ago my life changed dramatically. My job was cut back in hours. On top of that I brought my at that time 6 month old grandson into my ... Read More »

                Lost Our Jobs. Need to Get Rid of House, Fast. – Me

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                “Dear Steve, Lost of jobs nowhere to turn. Husband and i both lost our jobs we have fallen behind on our bills and our mortgage. What is the safest quickest way to get out of our home without haviing to file bankruptcy? What about a short sale or lieu of deed? What does that cost? How long does it take ... Read More »

                  What to Do When You Can’t Pay the Mortgage

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                  If you’re having trouble making your house payments, the first thing to know is that you are not alone. Home mortgage defaults are at an all-time high across America. This is good news for you, because it means that mortgage lenders are familiar with people in default on their home loans and often have established programs and policies to deal ... Read More »

                    I’m Recently Divorced and Trapped in an Upside Down Mortgage – Frank

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                    Frank “Dear Steve, Recently divorced and trapped in an upside down mortgage. Living off credit cards to get by. I am recently divorced and bought out my ex wife during the up market for my current home. My mortgage is now upside down and I am not making enough money each month to even break even with my expenses. I ... Read More »

                      Mortgage Lender List of Loss Mitigation Contacts That Can Help You Avoid Foreclosure

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                      If you have a mortgage with one of the lenders below you can use the contact information to reach the person at the lender that should be able to direct you to the special terms or programs available to help you avoid foreclosure or to come to a solution regarding your delinquent mortgage. The contacts should be able to handle ... Read More »

                        Crys Writes In And Asks “We’ve Been to Credit Counseling But Should We File For Bankruptcy?”

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                        “Dear Steve Hi! I am a piano teacher, and due the bad economy have very few students, even though I am used to having plenty. We just moved because we could no longer afford where we lived. We gave up our house in a deed in lieu of foreclosure. My husband took a cut in pay. We owe about $400 ... Read More »

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