Preferred Law – Consumer Complaint – March 8, 2013

Consumer Statement:

In August 2010 we were having some financial problems paying our mortgage. We received a letter in the mail from a firm called Compass Law Office saying that they might be able to help us do a modification on our home loan.

We then called them to see what it was about and filled out a qualification packet on August 31, 2010. They let us know that they thought we would be a great candidate for the loan modification and let us know what they payments would be.

They then informed us that they would represent us and talk to the lender Wells Fargo on our behalf.

We were also told that no loan payments would be due on our loan while they tried to reach an agreement with then lender. My husband was just getting ready for a yearlong deployment in less than two weeks so they were informed that they would be primarily dealing with me via email.

At any time if they needed anything from my husband it was sent to me via email and then I would forward it to him to sign and send back. There were delays of anything on our part.

Over the course of time we believed that they were working on the modification only later to be informed that the firm split up and that a new firm Preferred Law would be handling our case with the same employees.

Throughout this process I continually contacted the firm to see what was being done on our case because we never received any updates otherwise.

While asking them for updates it became apparent that our case was being pushed around from person to person where they would start over. We were constantly informed that someone else had our case and that we had to contact someone new.

When asking what was being done with our file my questions were avoided and we never received any answers even after asking the same questions multiple times. We were informed that the process could take up to six months and it is now March 2013 and there are still no answers.

Wells Fargo also sent us letters letting us know that they tried to contact the firm and that they would not contact them back. We also got a letter from Wells Fargo saying that they couldn’t approve or do anything for us due to lack of communication and not hearing from us when the firm was suppose to be communicating with them on our behalf.

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On multiple occasions the person that supposedly was handling our case would request information that I gave them immediately only to find out that they told Wells Fargo incorrect information which I then had to correct myself.

In November 16, 2011 I wrote an email to the firm asking when we might know what was going on and got the response that the bank had our file and that we should have an answer by next week.

Months later I was still waiting for a response. The only information I kept getting was that it was in the bank and not to respond to that email.

Finally after paying them $5084 they were still asking for more money and still had no information they could tell me.

I finally asked for a refund based on claims of gross negligence and intentional misconduct on their behalf.

These claims follow what it written in our signed contract.

Upon asking for a response on the refund I was told I had to fill out and audit form and send it along with copies of my bank statements which I did on October 18, 2012.

I then informed them that the papers had been sent and asked what happens now? I was told someone from the refund department would contact me and it could take up to thirty days.

I also requested a contact for someone in that department and never got one. No one from the refund department ever contacted me either.

After eight plus emails asking what was going on with the refund I was told that once again someone else had our case and to contact them.

When they were contacted they were not able to confirm or deny they had our file or what was being done with it.

I asked numerous times for a response to questions I had only to be told to call them. I informed them I wanted things in writing so I would communicate via email, but they refuse to give me any responses at all.

They are very unprofessional and I believe the whole thing to be a big scam. After $5084 and no work done by them and lack of communication I believe we are owed a refund.

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Consumer Action Taken:

First we tried simply telling them what are problems with them were and requested that we recieve a refund as per our contract.

We based our claims on gross negligence and intentional misconduct on their behalf. They then denied us a refund. We requested again that we were entitled to a refund and were told to fill out an audit request form.

We tried filling out their audit form and requesting our money back as they stated we had to. We even sent the copies of our bank statements. They were supposed to contact us back in 30 days which didn’t happen.

We then sent a second complaint requesting our money and giving them two weeks to respond or we would be filing complaints against them. We are now in the process of filing complaints because we recieved no contact from them at all.

Date This Problem Happened: August 31, 2011

State You Live in: Wisconsin

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $5,084

Company Name: Preferred Law

Company Address:

8180 S 700 E #110
Sandy, UT 84070

Company Telephone Number: 801-386-5100

Website of Company:



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