Job Recruitment Scam – Money Mule Scam – Run Away

A friend of mine received an email that promised him a job. He’s been looking for a new job. He was suspicious of the email and I offered to check it out.

It’s a scam that appears to prey on people who have submitted their resumes to online job boards.

The Email

The following email was sent to my friend:

From: Claire Hill
Subject: Re: Job offer


Here is more information about the job position with IT-Dynamic LLC.

Our company creates a positive outlook and prosperity of businesses and individuals across the

world. Managing Information Technology Outsourcing lands a great possibility for growth and


The position being offered is for Financial Services Officer.

Job requirements:
– Minimum 18 y.o.;
– constant internet access;
– home or mobile phone number;
– regular bank account (checking/savings) or a Verified Premier or Business PayPal account.

Employment benefits (upon completion of 30 days trial period):
– Paid holidays;
– Dental and Health;
– Professional development programs

Refer to the links below for additional information:

Frequently Asked Question:

Key points:
– No investment of funds on your part;
– Not a sales position, base pay along with commission is guaranteed;

For further information and inquiries you may contact us at [email protected]

Limited Time Offer with a Sign On Bonus! Please follow the link:

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, you may complete the electronic application:

Thank you for your time and interest with our company.

Best Regards,

Claire Hill
Phone: 1-949-505-9112
Fax: 1-646-666-4489

The Job Description

Financial Support Agent

The Financial Support Agent will process payments coming directly from our clients.

When funds enter the bank account that our partner has designated for work purposes, the Financial Support Agent’s duty is to withdraw the funds and transfer the funds using Western Union or Money Gram in the shortest time possible.

The primary advantage that our Company and our agents enjoy over our competitors is maintaining the absolute shortest possible time within which our partners or other clients can receive money for the goods and/or services that they have already provided.

Key Points

*Financial Support Agents receive detailed invoices for each transaction every 14 days. This document will serve as confirmation of transaction validity and in case of any (if any at all) unforeseen circumstances, it will evidence your personal non-participation. All invoices will contain detailed information on money sender and will be both sealed and certified with our President’s signature.

warning*All the fees (WU/MG) are paid from employee’s commission. HOWEVER, our company undertakes to reimburse part of any expenses which are incurred in connection with money transfer (WIRE for Tier 2 employees, or by Western Union/Money gram system for regular Financial Support Agents) should money transfer charges exceed 3%. All in all, your net profit will amount to 8% (5-8% for Tier 2 due to high sums) of the total amount of each payment processing operation.

*We don’t and never will ask for any investment of your own funds at ANY stage of the process.

*The company offers an incentive bonus program based on work performance and results with regard to several factors, i.e. total sum of money transferred, payment processing time, etc.

In summary, processing payments professionally and correctly involves paying attention to even the slightest details. We’ll need your undivided attention for a short time per day, but please ensure you understand and abide by the rules. We always endeavor to abide by industry standards and maintain compliance with all applicable law to the fullest extent. – Source

Company Information

The company says they are located at:

71 Fortune Drive
Irvine, CA 92618 – Source

That is actually the location of the Irvine Spectrum Center. It’s a mall.

The State of California lists no company under the name IT-Dynamic, LLC that is registered to do business in the state.

The company claims on their website they provide “a wide variety of legal services for small and medium sized businesses” but in the recruitment email they describe themselves as a company that manages information technology outsourcing. – Source

Money Mule Scam

This appears to be nothing short of the Money Mule scam.

A money mule is a person who transfers money acquired illegally (e.g., stolen) in person, through a courier service, or electronically, on behalf of others. The mule is paid for their services, typically a small part of the money transferred. Money mules are often dupes recruited on-line for what they think is legitimate employment, not aware that the money they are transferring is the product of crime. The money is transferred from the mule’s account to the scam operator, typically in another country. Similar techniques are used to transfer illegal merchandise.

Mules recruited online are typically used to transfer the proceeds from online fraud, such as phishing scams, malware scams or scams that operate around auction sites like eBay. After money or merchandise has been stolen, the criminal employs a mule to transfer the money or goods, hiding the criminal’s true identity and location from the victim of the crime and the authorities.[1] Money mules are complicit, and risk criminal prosecution[2] and long jail sentences.

Money mules are commonly recruited with job advertisements for “payment processing agents,” “money transfer agents,” “local processors,” and other similar titles; the real benefit to the criminals is not the work carried out by the mule, but that the criminals are distanced from the risky, visible, transfer. Some money mules are recruited by an attractive member of the opposite sex. Candidates are asked to accept funds and to forward them, less a relatively small payment for themselves, to a third party, which they can do from home. Legitimate companies use escrow services for this kind of work.[3] Criminals trading in stolen or illegally acquired goods use similar tactics to recruit mules who receive packages and forward them to mail drops not traceable to the criminal.[4]Source

The domain the company, IT-Dynamic, LLC uses is That domain was just registered on February 13, 2013 and is owned by:

Registrant Name: Mike Luke
Registrant Organization: Mike Luke
Registrant Address1: 4138 Boulevard Lafleche
Registrant City: Riviere Du Loup
Registrant State/Province: QC
Registrant Postal Code: G5R 1R7
Registrant Country: Canada
Registrant Country Code: CA
Registrant Phone Number: +1.418292313
Registrant Facsimile Number: +1.418292313
Registrant Email: [email protected]

Additional sites shown below use some similar formats. The sites hosted on the same server are:

J.M.B. Group Inc (20130308)

Backoffice Solutions LLC (20130308)

BONOTTI-IT s.r.l. (20130308)


Consulenze piu' S.r.l. (20130308)

Human Capital Consultants (20130308)


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Update March 11, 2013

A follow-up email was received.


The position is based on working from the comfort of your home. The application process is distant yet vary rigorous. We screen all possible applicants to ensure that long term employment is possible. The essence of the job is to help our clients complete immediate payments to freelancers, in order to receive their completed project on time.

The main job responsibility is to stay logged online for about 2 hours per day, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 11 am. Your main role involves processing immediate payments between our established clients and freelancers that are doing the work for them. Receiving specific instructions from a supervisor and following prompt assignments is of most importance. The position deals directly with processing funds from our clients. For security reasons a personal bank account is required during the trial period of 30 days. Once your trial is completed, we will assign you a business account through one of our branches in your area.

During your trial period you will receive between 2 and 3 transfers per week. Invoices are provided for each operation. Along with every operation, you automatically receive the senders, and further the receivers names that the funds belong to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Main vacancy description:

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, you may request electronic application by replying to this e-mail.

Hurry up to receive your Sign On Bonus:


Claire Hill
Phone: 1-949-505-9112
Fax: 1-646-666-4489”

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