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“Dear Steve,

Problem with Coastal Debt Solutions in Florida when I signed up for their debt solutions program in April, 2010. I paid this firm $3200.00 plus over a 9 month period so I could get a Discover card debt (starting at $7700.00 some).

However, due to Discover suing me in December for the then owed sum of $8,800. some, I was shifted to Coastal’s legal arm (FBL, I think) and they told me that I could either pay Discover their amount, or file bankruptcy. I had to pay them $200.00 in addition to handle paper work. I chose bankruptcy – through FBL (I didn’t have that kind of money to pay Discover).

Their legal representation was of no value. The local judge (I am in Ohio), settled a judgement against me. I was now obligated to pay Discover over $10,000.00 (the debt of $8,800.00 some plus fees/interest of $1,200.).

NONE of the monies I paid into Coastal (over $3200.00 some) went to ONE cent on any debt I signed up for (there were two other companies they were to “help” out with. I paid them off myself – after having spent the monies with Coastal for the 9 months).

The current debt in now with a law firm in Cleveland (4 hours north east of Dayton) that is acting as a collection agency for Discover. They do not entertain any kind of negotiations unless it has to do with payment in full, (at this stage, all negotiations are ignored. They want the entire amount paid. Period).

Is there any recourse I can take against Coastal Debt Solutions? I was poorly advised, got hit with more debt and lowered credit as a result. At the present, I am considering bankruptcy. My credit score, as of a week ago, was 633 (it had been 753 per TransUnion. At that time, it did not list my current debt with Discover/collection firm. Odd).

I was intimidated with being sued by Discover, inundated with the legal proceedings (judgement), and devastated that my hopes for paying off Discover has become an ongoing, non-ending, ever growing debt.

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I am self-employed, an apartment renter, drive an ’04 car, hold no real estate, or collateral of market value.

I appreciate your consideration with this fiasco.



angry woman

Dear Renee,

Many debt settlement sales people promoted the debt settlement solution as being superior to bankruptcy. It was a snow job and an emotional manipulation to talk people into their product.

Then, and now, bankruptcy is the only legal solution that will stop collection calls, prevent lawsuits and judgments, and allow you to rebuild your credit quickly.

It looks to me as if Coastal Debt Solutions has vanished. They were dissolved by the State of Florida in 2011 for not filing the required annual report.

You could always try to follow this guide, How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company. And you can follow the links in that guide to file complaints.

Frankly, the cost of pursuing the company at this point would probably cost you more than you’ve already spent. It might be best to cut your losses at this point, file bankruptcy, and take it as a lesson learned.

If you did want to take some action, the State of Florida reports the owners of the company when last reported in 2010 were:

Title MGRM

Title MGRM

Title MGRM
2655 LAKE DRIVE #5

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7 thoughts on “Can I Take Action Against Coastal Debt Solutions? – Renee”

  1. It is very interesting that Coastal Debt Solutions is still operating in 2021 and 2022.
    Try for Richard Kirsh, Coastal Debt Solutions LLC. His number is 561.279.5980.

  2. Thank you Steve, for your prompt reply. It ain’t what I wanted to hear, but you are correct: it is best to cut my losses and study my lesson.
    I had an appointment with a bankruptcy attorney today. Will get the monies to him by Monday and file for Chapter 7.
    I am culling your site for steps to take after bankruptcy. I didn’t want to do this two years ago: bankruptcy felt like such a failure, such a loser kind of move. Only irresponsible types went for bankruptcy. Today, I am of the mind that making the move to file Chapter 7 is an effective step. I still must manage my monies well – your site here has been a big, big help.
    Thank you sooooo much, Steve.


    ps – I appreciate the graphic you used with your reply.


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