American Express Closed My Account. I’m Not Happy, They’re Not Happy. – Adam

“Dear Steve,

Applied for an American Express gold card and qualified received my gold card all was well.

Used the gold card on a credit card terminal in my name under my business (did not know this was illegal or against their policies and I was not doing it for illegal reasons) they closed my account immediately.

I then explained to them the situation and they did not care and said the account was now closed.

I had a balance and did not pay ( yes that was wrong but I was very upset and had other things that were more important at that time so they went to the bottom) I then lost my business and currently do not have a source of income my partner supports me ( going back to school currently ) it has been to collections collections etc they are now suing me who exactly I’m not sure due to the fact I have not been served and I only know this due to the truck loads of i’ll represent you letters I received from other attorneys then looked it up on my state s court website ( it is legit someone is suing me) I called American Express and they no longer have the debt it’s owned by ARSI and they are apparently suing me but under American Expresses name ( I’ve heard this is not legal to do?) now I would like to know what I should do at this point?

Again I have not been served or received a single official or certified letter about this lawsuit?

Should I speak to the listed attorney for “American Express” or really ARSI?

Can I negotiate a lower amount considering they are a collections company and ask for monthly payments?

Should I wait until I am served to do anything?

If I consult an attorney what type considering this is my only debt related item so I do not need to file bankruptcy?


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Dear Adam,

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You are not the first person to do this and yes, American Express is VERY particular about the issue. In the past when I’ve research this it is clearly laid out in the terms and conditions on the card so American Express did have a right to close the card and you unfortunately agreed to it.

Consider it a hard lesson learned.

But it sounds like you’ve moved on with your life in many ways. Congratulations for seeking a new path and best of luck on your journey.

Can they sue you? If ARSI bought the debt from American Express they sure can sue you.

If you did not think the debt was something you really owed you could dispute the debt but in this case I think we can both agree, it’s your debt.

So can you try to settle the debt, absolutely.

Can you file bankruptcy to stop the lawsuit and eliminate the debt, you bet you can.

But before we get ahead of ourselves here I’m going to assign you some homework. Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Adam’s Homework

  1. Give me more detail about your overall debts in your name, how much and who you owe.
  2. Let me know how much money you could afford to pay each month, every month, towards your debts.
  3. How much cash do you have on hand to use for a settlement offer?

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