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How Do You Explain What Premier National Credit Repair Did to My Credit? – Debra

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I used premier national credit repair and this company did exactly what they promised.

My credit score was raised by 124 points and they did get off many negative reports from my credit score.

I read through your entire article and you talk about ‘it only takes time’. the company premier national credit repair was able to get my credit score raised in 28 days.

i’m wondering if your article is outdated and that you are not aware that this company (or others) do give the service that they represent? from what I understand, there has been numerous people that have had very good results with this company that I am speaking of.

How do you explain that my credit score was raised as well as most negative items, chargback items were removed in order to raise my score?


sassy girl

Dear Debra,

If they assisted you to remove inaccurate negative items from your credit report, that’s something you could have done for free if you wanted to.

If they removed accurate but negative items from your credit report and you then use that credit report to apply for new credit, you will be committing credit fraud.

Which choice did you make?

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