State Law Group – Consumer Complaint – March 24, 2013

Consumer Statement:

I was scammed out of money by Estate law group who have now changed their name and are attempting scam other consumers looking for mortgage modification. I then received a letter yesterday trying return original documentation obtained by Brad posing as a lawyer. i have tried to contact them on over 25 occasion by mail, email and phone to no avail. Beware of Sameer Quadri he and his company are thieves, don’t send any money or other documentation as they sell to third parties.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have filled a compliant with several agencies including the BBB, California Bar, and HUD

Date This Problem Happened: March 15, 2011

State You Live in: Virginia

Race/Ethnicity: Black or African American

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $1,500

Company Name: State Law Group

Company Address:

P.O. box 30850
anaheim, Ca. 92809

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: statelawgroup.com

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5 thoughts on “State Law Group – Consumer Complaint – March 24, 2013”

  1. Yes…..they will continue to send these solicitations in the mail. I got one even after I was scammed. Estate Law Group may be operating under the name of Credence Law Group now. Even the music when you are put on hold sounds like the Estate Law Group music that I used to hear. For all those who think Sameer Qadri is the head-man…he is not. He is in worse shape than all of us who lost money in this. I spoke to him directly and the people behind this i do not know since his lawyer has advised him to not disclose that info, but he is trying to clear his name in this. In due time, it will be known who to go after. For myself, i lost $3,350 in this and its not even about money anymore since it was July of last year that it was paid in full. I just want to see that these guys don’t do anything to anyone anymore. Tough to ask for, but Sameer was duped just like we all were. From what I understand, there are about 1,600 people in this who were scammed at about $3K a pop which makes this scam about a half a million dollars.

  2. I received a letter from them today and I am really really glad that I came online to look them up before I responded to it. thank you very much for the site and this post

  3. I’m a consumer lawyer and I’d like to help people who lost money to State Law Group, but the problem is finding them and identifying the responsible persons running things. Do any of you have copies of documents you got from them, especially cancelled checks, that you could scan and email? Call 910 876 7001 if you do.

  4. I was scammed by State Law Group for loan modification. Started 12/2011.Started with Heide Resendiz .After one Month Heide said SLG needed my first installment of $1750. Next Desiree G was assighned my case .I was unemployed and Heide new this and said that is not a problem.. Months go by and many phone calls and E-mails. Then I was told I need employment and my file was put on hold and contact them when employed..Got a job 4/2012 sent all pay check stubs and all paper work again.6/2012 Brad Prepon calls said if my case reached his desk its gonna happen. Now to continue I need to send my second and final installment $1750.Now I get assighned to Jesus B. Now told I make too much money for loan modification, best to go into a HARP refinance which they wanted more money. My $3500 would not go towards that program.

  5. I aslo have received a certified letter from Sameer Quadri telling me if I wanted my file returned to write a letter to him asking for my file. I was scammed out of 3500.00 from Estate law Group, A guy named Jason Waldrop


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